‘The time traveler’s wife’, canceled after one season

Bad news from HBO. The platform has announced the cancellation of The time traveler’s wife. The series will not continue with what had to be its second season. It seems that we will no longer see Theo James and Rose Leslie as Henry and Clare.

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Cover of the book in English and image of the protagonists of the HBO series

The time traveler’s wife is the adaptation of the novel that, with the same title, published audrey niffenegger in 2003. East sci-fi romance extraordinary tells us the love story between Clare and Henry. They meet on several occasions, but they are not always separated by the same years. We follow their effort to fit their lives into this inexplicable and uncontrollable phenomenon.

It was this same year, May 15 specificallywhen it premiered in HBO the television series in which Rose Leslie and Theo James they brought Clare and Henry to life. The person in charge of to direct the production was David Nutterwho previously worked at Doctor Whoalso inspired by a novel by Niffenegger. Also, Hartswood Films the produced in association with Warner Bros. However, after seeing the actor from Divergent and the actress of Game of Thrones during 6 episodes -last of which was released on 1June 9HBO has announced the abandonment of the series. Deadline has provided the statement from a spokesperson of the platform, which states: “Although HBO is not going to continue with the second season of The time traveler’s wife, it has been a privilege to partner with the wonderful storytellers, Steven Moffat and David Nutter. Also toWe thank Theo and Rose, and the rest of our wonderful cast, for their moving performances.”

It is likely that fansboth in the book and in the series, are found disappointed For the news. But not only because of the fact that it was cancelled, but because the 6 episodes that have been brand new they only cover the adaptation of half of the story What does the novel tell?

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The time traveler's wife movie 2009
Rachel McAdams and Eric Bona in ‘Beyond Time’ (2009)

this tv series is not the only adaptation that has been made of the novel by Audrey Niffenegger. Directed by Robert Schwentke and starring Eric Bona and Rachel McAdamsin 2009 he left Beyond timean American film that is also based on The time traveler’s wife.

If you have not read the novel and are encouraged in case it receives another adaptation, we leave you the synopsis:

Henry is a librarian and suffers from a strange genetic dysfunction that makes him travel involuntarily in time; Clare, his wife, is an artist.

Their love is passionate and they only aspire to lead a normal life. However, Henry’s trips into the past and future, which sometimes lead to compromising and sometimes hilarious situations, are a challenge to their relationship.

A novel that invites us to think about the durability of love and the passage of time, about the unrepeatable emotion of first sensations, both in a relationship and in life. A reading that moves from smile to emotion. And an original and unforgettable story.

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