The timetables of the strike on Friday in Milan, Trenord trains at risk

Strike coming. Friday 22 April is the day chosen by the “Al Cobas” union for a national unrest that will involve workers of all public and private categories. The greatest inconveniences, as always, risk occurring in the transport sector, with regional trains that could stop in Milan and in the rest of Lombardy.

Trenord employees, the company said in a statement, will be able to go on strike from midnight to 9pm on April 22nd. In any case, the problems for commuters should be contained: “Considering the membership data in similar and previous proclamations, no interruptions to rail traffic in Lombardy are expected”, underlined by the company. While admitting that “sporadic cancellations of trains may occur, which will be promptly communicated”.

On the same day, for all 24 hours, the workers of the aircraft compartment and of Autostrade will be able to cross their arms, from 10 pm on the 21st to 10 pm the following day. No problem, however, for Atm means – metro, buses and trams in Milan -, with the public transport that will not be involved in the agitation.

It was “Al Cobas” herself who explained the reasons for a strike against “the enemy” who is “in our house”. The base union says “no to the sending of weapons to Ukraine”, “no to the state of emergency and the costs of the war economy unloaded on our shoulders”, “no to increases in petrol, Enel gas and previous goods necessity “,” no to the decrees and health measures that have nothing like restrictions, the mandatory green pass and the denial of income for the over fifties “and asks that” the atomic bombs of NATO “be brought” out of Italy “. “It is time – the union’s appeal – for workers in every sector, together with anyone who lives off their work, to make their voices heard against rising prices and the war”.

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