The touching message that her husband gave to Camila Avella after leaving Miss Universe

Colombia came out on top after placing among the five finalists to choose the future universal beauty queen at Miss Universe 2023 under the representation of Camila Avella. her husband, Nassif Kamle was the first to express his support and love after learning about her departure from the competition.

The Yopal-born Colombian made a historic participation in this 72nd edition of the competition, By representing the first mother to qualify out of five finalists in the entire history of Miss Universe.

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Thanks to new guidelines from the international beauty pageant director, Anne Zuckerjutatip, this edition includes diversity. Various women have been allowed to participate in the pageant which breaks the standards the pageant once swore to establish. And this marginalized a very significant portion of the female population.

This 2023, trans women, plus-size models like Jane Deepika Garrett, and wives and mothers like the Colombian woman who would never have been able to attend under the previous rules competed. Which shows that this great event is increasingly violating the rules imposed And tries to fight beauty stereotypes.

Although the journalist could only reach the semi-final round, Her competition helped amplify the voices of women who face unique challenges in society, Without a doubt, she broke stereotypes and opened new doors for women in these prestigious beauty pageants.

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She proudly declared, “I represent and respect universal womanhood, now in my work as a mother and wife I have combined my commitments and especially my work of representing my country with sensitivity, determination and Above all, the ability to adapt has been learned.” In an interview on the television news program ‘Noticias RCN’

Emotional message from her husband

One of the first to express his gratitude and support for Avella’s impeccable participation was her husband Nassif Kamle, who did not hesitate to show his appreciation publicly.

Through my Instagram account, The businessman posted a heartfelt message that revealed a bit of their story as a couple, husbands, friends, and parents., He also expressed respect for his achievements.

“It is a privilege to be with you every step of the way, to support you in difficult moments, enjoy happiness, But most of all watching you grow as a woman. I am extremely proud of everything you have achieved, My best decision will always be you,” he said at the beginning of his story on the network.

Other than this, He thanked him for the lessons he learned from him.Where he has “put his existence aside a bit to fulfill his role as a husband and father”, which makes him feel extremely happy.

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“Thank you for teaching me so much, for getting rid of my ego to live for you and Amelia, for seeing you shine above any of my desires, it is the most beautiful thing that has happened to me in my life. Here I am body and soul with you, I love with all my heart,” Kamle concluded.

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