The tragic death of Mayra Corrales, the migrant who returned to Guatemala and died in a road accident on the Palín-Escuintla highway

Mayra Corrales de Gutierrez, 32, He immigrated to the United States a few years ago. On her Facebook account, he published on July 2 that she would be back in the country, in Monterrico, Taxisco, Santa Rosa, when he arrived in Guatemala. He asked his relatives to prepare to celebrate his arrival in the country.

Your family happy went to La Aurora International Airport on July 3 to pick her up and move her to Masagua, Escuintla, where she was originally from, to spend her vacations.

Nevertheless, a road accident completely destroyed the plans I had to reunite with family and friends. Her husband and her children stayed in the United States, and they are dismayed.

The pilot of a trailer could not control the unit because the brake system, it is assumed, failed him. This, runaway, ran over the vehicles that were in front of him at kilometer 60 of the Palín-Escuintla Highway.

He honked his horn, but this did not prevent him from hitting the pick-up where he was going. the Corrales family and two other agricultural trucks.

The impact was deadly. The trailer, which was carrying animal feed, passed over the vehicles just below an overpass that divides the roads in the sector.

The residents who circulated in the sector did everything possible to save the lives of her, her father and other members of her family. But nothing they could do.

Although Departmental Municipal Firefighters tried to save their lives, they didn’t make it. Mayra was taken to the National Hospital of Escuintla, but she died when she was admitted, her father, Víctor Manuel Corrales Carrillo, to the Guatemalan Institute of Social Security (ISGG), where she is recovering.

They also took the pilot of the trailer to the health center Reyes Machuca Garcia and five other people.

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