“The traitors will pay their guilt”

The Cuban troubadour Carlos Varela shared on his social networks a message dedicated to Paul Milanes a few days before his concert in Havana, moved to the Ciudad Deportiva after a controversy due to restrictions on ticket sales.

Varela reproduced a fragment of the song “I will step on the streets again”, which Milanés composed in 1976 to express his rejection of the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet.

“The books will return, the songs / that the murderous hands burned. / My people will be reborn from its ruin / and the traitors will pay their guilt”, Varela wrote on his social networks, while sharing a photo of him with the author of the song.

Milanés returns to Havana after several months touring Spain and will be reunited with his family on the island five months after the death of his daughter Suylen.

The exchanges of messages between the two musicians have become habitualand fundamentally on specific dates such as their birthdays, they dedicate texts and photos that highlight their friendship.

“Missing singing with you again,” Milanés wrote in April, when the author of “Habáname” turned 59, although it is not known if they will coincide soon on a stage in the Cuban capital.

The Pablo Milanés concert, initially scheduled for the National Theater of Cuba on June 21, generated controversy because only 300 tickets were sold and the rest was destined for people linked to state institutions. But this Friday, the Cuban Institute of Music announced that the event was transferred to the Ciudad Deportiva de La Habana, with capacity for 15,000 people.

Cubans asked on the networks to sing to the people or suspend the presentation, because not all people have the opportunity to attend the recital.

“The open-air concert, for those who can attend, for the people above all, and without any manipulation, if not, the fairest thing would be to cancel it. Because Pablo Milanés belongs to the Cuban people,” expressed the announcer Yunior Morales through a video that he shared on Facebook.

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