The transformation of Nikocado Avocado, the youtuber who does not stop eating

Social networks and YouTube trends have marked the content that users and those known as influencers have seen and created during the last years. In fact, a variety of topics are covered by these people to attract followers and grow in popularity.

One of the content creators that has generated the most controversy is Nicholas Mathew Perry, better known as Nikocado Avocado, who, For more than five years, he has dedicated himself to recording himself while eating different types of food.

At first, Nikocado only made vegan content, but as the days went by, he decided to change it to a lifestyle that can be considered unhealthy and which It led him to physically transform considerably by gaining almost 100 kilos in weight.

The man has dedicated himself to uploading content known as mukbang, these consist of recording yourself while eating large amounts of food and interacting with the audience. Although it started out very popular in China, it has now spread throughout the world.

Nicholas is originally from the Ukraine, but was adopted by American parents. In his adolescence he was diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and attention deficit disorder (ADD), so from a very young age he has had to take medication to counteract the symptoms of these pathologies.

In 2016, Delgado, indicated that, despite having been vegan, he no longer supported that diet and began uploading videos in which he can be seen eating junk food in large quantities. The more he ate, the more weight he gained and, although it put his health at risk, it also increased his number of subscribers.

Its contents also began to involve the youtuber’s private life in which discussions with his partner, reconciliations and various shows could be seen.

With time and weight gain, Nikocado began to accept that his lifestyle was unhealthy; however, he continued to make the videos and eat in exorbitant proportions. His fans were also concerned about the situation and even today they still leave comments regarding his health.

“Every time I feel that my diet is bad, I go to this channel to motivate myself”; “Regarding his heart and lungs, they are working so hard to keep this human alive”; “Let’s get a round of applause for this man who is somehow alive”; are some of the messages in the videos of him.

Among the problems recognized by Nicholas Mathew Perry due to excess food is erectile dysfunction, mentioned on the Men’s Health portal in 2019. Also, last year he told his fans that he broke a rib while trying to sneeze while lying down.

There is also his most obvious health problem, since he currently has problems breathing and You can see him on his social networks with a respirator. When he started in the digital world, Nikocado only weighed 66 kilos, but today he weighs 166.

According to what has been said in several statements, it is possible that the man will stop performing mukbangs by the time he turns 30 and taking into account that he was born in 1992, this 2022 would be the year in which said retirement could occur.

Despite all of the above, the man continues to eat food considered junk and, according to what he indicates, he leads a happy life.

“It’s too late, he’s already killing himself”; “Anything people warned her about is her own problem now”; “Friend, take care”; “Are you okay? Need help? Why are you doing this to yourself?” and “It’s already dying” is what people still say about Nikocado Avocado.

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