The trend in aesthetic medicine of ‘foxy eyes’ brings a captivating look –

Having a captivating look has become a beauty canon. Thanks to advances in the field of aesthetic medicine, there are currently different methods to achieve looks with a feline style. One of the most recognized treatments has been through the technique foxy eyes, with which it is possible to change the shape of the eye. From Alluring Clinic, aesthetic medicine clinic located in Madridexplain the importance of going to a professional before starting any aesthetic treatment and, above all, trusting in the professional advice of experts.

What exactly is the technique? foxy eyes

The technique foxy eyes It consists of raising the external corners of the eye above the internal corners, as well as modifying the position of the eyebrows, that is, raising the lateral zone above the medial.

Thanks to this procedure, you not only get a fresher and more attractive look, but the evidence of aging signs is reduced in the look

Since Alluring Clinic explain that there are different procedures to achieve this effect, mainly with tension threads, botox or makeup. By using the Tensioning wires, an uplifting effect is achieved and the most important thing is that the face does not lose its natural expression. In addition, they specify that with the treatment it improves remarkably firmness and flaccidity from the area. The time it takes professionals to do this technique is approximately 30 minutes or an hour. The effect usually lasts approximately 6 months, although it will vary according to each case. To carry out the treatment with botox small and punctual infiltrations are made, specifically in the tail of the eyebrows, this in order to subtly open the eye. In most cases, the combination of both procedures will be the key to achieving a more natural and professional effect.

The Alluring Clinic professionals also explain that a similar effect can be achieved without surgery, that is, through makeup, although the result does not usually have the same quality, a lot of knowledge is required to achieve the expected result and it must be repeated every day.

Procedures to achieve a captivating look

The best option, according to the clinic, to achieve foxy eyes is obtained by using thread lifts, botox or, in most cases, a combination of them.

From Alluring Clinic they explain that in the center they evaluate each case previously and a diagnosis adapted to each need is determined after the evaluation. The decision is made taking into account the history of the patient, as well as the shape of the eyelids, eyebrows and eyes.

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