The Trial of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Will Be Made a Documentary on Netflix

Netflix He is always attentive to possible cases in which he may be the hero and participant in an interesting work, and it is precisely in this case. boyDepp and Amber Heard in which he wanted to create a story that would last six weeks, exactly as long a process as decision of both.

The director of the documentary reflected on Depp Vs. Heard’, Emma Cooper. The filmmaker does not have a huge number of works but he already has experience in the world of documentaries, on April 27 he premiered the documentary ‘The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unreleased Tapes’ on Netflix.

The documentary will be released next Wednesday 16 August The storyline would focus on the long weeks they had to deal with the courts So that should be ruled in favor of the American actor. After seeing that his career was completely cut short Due to this scenario, both are immersed in the test of their real lives, in the fight for their lives.

real documentary

the documentary is three deliveries, in which the director Analysis Full details of each artist announcement and its consequences are given. media they were also Main character In this case and the controversy that the two created, people around the world were disturbed. They will take a position of one side or the other.

During the process and after the verdict, their lives are affected Changed Totally, currently the actor, who is also a musician, sings with his band the Hollywood Vampires, Even if earlier someone was lying unconscious in his room in a hotel in Budapest. while his ex-wife Amber Heard, living in Spanish capital with his daughter.

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