The trick to make up the lower lashes

    That Selena Gomez is a beauty freak, we already knew it. She not only launched her own brand of Clean Beauty, which by the way, she sweeps Sephora (Rare Beauty), but now she has become the protagonist of a new beauty viral to make up the lower eyelashes.

    There are not a few of us who, when trying it, end up with the dark circles of a panda bear due to not controlling the mascara wand well and what was intended to be a bit of pigment on the lower lashes ends up being a real drama.

    But Selena has driven users crazy on social networks by teaching in a home video how she does it, with sure success. Of course, you need your eyebrow tweezers to copy her idea…

    We are not going to remove a single tab, but we are going to give them color by refining them as much as possible. Here, the video in which, in just over 20 seconds, the influencer @lenkalul emulates the singer’s tip.

    The video, re-instagrammed ad nauseam and made viral, in part, by the @wakeupandmakeup account, shows how the trick is to color the eyelashes by slightly pinching them with tweezers, previously impregnated with mascara.

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    If you look closely, in the video, Lena applies the color very subtly to the tip area on several groups of lashes. The result is a Twiggy effect look, to the 60s, maximized.

    The trick is ideal to complete with a good black eyeliner on the lower eyelash and to show off with a face in which the eyes are the total protagonists, as it makes them visually larger.

    Another piece of advice: do not apply the trick to the lashes that are closest to the tear duct and do it, above all, to those that are close to the end of the eye, towards the corner of the eyeliner. This way you will get a much more marked feline effect.

    Confess: you’ve already reached for your tweezers and mascara while reading this article. TRUE? Well, we guarantee that we have tested it… and it works! Panda eyes, never again.

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