The Trick To Manicure Our ‘Glazed Nails’ At Home With Just Nail Polish And Highlighter

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Call ‘shiny nails’ or shining nailsif we translate that into spanish, they are One of the hottest nail trends of the past few months, they became fashionable thanks to hailey bieber Last year and since then they have not ceased to be requested in the salons in all their versions: from the classic pink ‘glitter nails’ by Paula Echevarría or Laura Ascens, to more daring versions in other colors.

That dazzling dazzling effect is most alluring and desirable, perfect for all year round, However, for Courageous women who do manicure at home surely find these types of designs quite difficult:how to get that ‘shiny’ effect? Do I have to buy specific products? nothing is beyond reality,

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How To Make ‘Glazed Nails’ At Home Without Extra Ingredients

and it’s the same side again beauty Tiktok has been our savior and it has taught us The trick to do glaze effect manicure at home in minutes without buying anything else, move? support us powder highlighter Trustworthy – A sparkly eyeshadow is worth it too, just in case we’ve run out of illuminator for whatever reason.


This is also a very easy trick with no complications whatsoever: First we have to do our manicure as we normally doFollow all the steps to do a manicure at home that you probably already memorized and choose the color that you like the most.

Once we’ve completed our general manicure, comes the stellar step: Use a brush to apply a little highlighter to the nail, which we’ll then seal with clear nail polish, From there we let it dry and…ready! Here’s a video that explains it more clearly, so you can see how easy it is:

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