The true face of 12 Harry Potter characters, according to the books

Whenever a film adaptation of a bookfans often point out that the original text is better, since a film does not always manage to convey the same images and emotions that you find on the pages.

Inside the book, you can form an image of the characters describedand it is assumed that when making the film adaptation the cast is chosen according to what the book says, but sometimes what we see on screen is not usually as faithful to the original text.

One of these cases is the successful saga of Harry Potterwritten by JK Rowling. If you are a true potterheadYou will surely have noticed the differences. The most obvious is the color of the protagonist’s eyes, because in the film they are blue, and in the book it is emphasized that they are green.

With all this in mind, a girl of Vietnamese origin, known on social media as MsBananaAnnadecided to use technology to discover how would the characters of Harry Potter following to the letter book descriptions.

(Photo: Warner Bros.)

The 28-year-old currently lives in Melbourne, Australia, and has been a huge fan of JK Rowling’s books ever since she was in primary school.

“I saw the movies and although I like Emma Watson, I always thought she was too beautiful to be Hermione. I couldn’t find any interpretation of her that was accurate about her, so I ended up doing it myself. People seemed to like it so much that I decided to make more characters,” she told Bored Panda.

The recreations he did MsBananaAnna they drew a lot of attention on the Reddit social network, so here at De10.mx we made the comparison with the images of the characters who played them in the movies… Look!

1.Harry Potter

(Photos: Warner Bros./Msbananaanna)

2.Hermione Granger

(Photos: Warner Bros./Msbananaanna)

3. Ron Weasley

(Photos: Warner Bros./Msbananaanna)

4.Lord Voldemort

(Photos: Warner Bros./Msbananaanna)

5. Draco Malfoy

(Photos: Warner Bros./Msbananaanna)

6. Lily and James Potter

(Photos: Warner Bros./Msbananaanna)

7.Severus Snape

(Photos: Warner Bros./Msbananaanna)

8.Ginny Weasley

(Photos: Warner Bros./Msbananaanna)

9. Minerva McGonagall

(Photos: Warner Bros./Msbananaanna)

10. Luna Lovegood

(Photos: Warner Bros./Msbananaanna)

11.Sirius Black

(Photos: Warner Bros./Msbananaanna)

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