The true talent of actor Bill Pullman finally appears in the dark stories of the series The Sinner

August 25, 2022 – 15:09
The character of a homicide detective full of trauma fits like a glove to a movie figure who shines in this production by actress Jessica Biel, who co-starred in the first of the four seasons.

A mortified homicide detective, who can barely cope with his traumas, and a series of cases that reveal that normality is full of dark people are part of the explanation for the success of the American police series The Sinner”, considered since its first season a of the most addictive of pay television platforms

Throughout four seasons, which began in 2017, the actor Bill Pullman found in the character of police detective Harry Ambrosse a role that suits his look between distracted and sad, a kind of permanent face of “I am a person with problems, who would give everything to be somewhere else, but I’m not moving from here”.

However, this kind of 21st-century Lieutenant Columbo, who finds it difficult to speak and maintain healthy relationships with his surroundings, will end up becoming, through the 32 episodes of the four seasons, a kind of involuntary guide for the viewer through a world that refers to the suburbs of David Lynch’s cinema, that trip towards the madness of the sane.

Produced with the logic of “hooking” viewers so that they don’t kiddingly watch just one chapter every time they can, one of the tricks of Netflix and other platforms, this series -which seems to discuss with the Nordics how black a police officer can be today- It began with a high-impact season, in which it was not important to discover the criminal, but rather his motives.

The co-star of the beautiful Jessica Biel, who is the producer of the four seasons, was part of the appeal of the start, based on a novel by the German writer Petra Hammesfahr: a visit to the past of the murderer explains why that girl in perfect appearance but exited from a perverse family, with a toxic cocktail of religiosity, illness and sex, it was from the start a bomb about to explode.

The impact of that first season emboldened all those responsible for the project to continue exploring the possibilities offered by the attraction for the spectators of a detective who perhaps investigates sordidness in order to know himself, combining the procedures of mystery films with a narration criterion and direction of actors above the average of the mass entertainment industry.

Seasons two and three accentuated the theme of the at times murderous hypocrisy of societies and families trying to sweep trash under the rug, with only one obvious continuity, the sacrificial pilgrimage of the detective, whose intuition, he comes from hell, lost him. leads to collide with the bureaucracy of the police system, which does not seek the truth, but close cases.

The fourth and final season could mislead those who do not know the trick: Ambrose has retired, and together with the painter Sonya, the character who survives from the tremendous previous story, seeks to disconnect from the horror in a season of rest on an island. of fishermen, in the cold North of the United States, what a name for a country where everyone seems to pull in different directions.

If before he had separated from his wife and his house, without ever being able to express his feelings, and carried on a sado-masochistic relationship with another lady who will leave him, scared, now love seems to have found him, although his temperament is full of antidepressant pills and the usual insomnia, because the emotions of the past have worsened his health.

But, like Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now, one of Francis Ford Coppola’s masterpieces, the horror, the horror, the horror, insists on presenting himself to him: a girl full of turbulence will commit suicide before his eyes on a cliff, the retired detective he will be driven to understand why what happened happened, and if he saw it, or he is delusional, and the circle with no apparent way out will open again.

The public will discover that the detective’s problem is that not only does he like the crude truth more than the consensual lie, but since he only has a little life, he will be willing to lose it as long as his psyche is not altered by the noises produced by the events. that do not close, although everyone tries to stick them with poxipol.

Despite the fact that the procedures are repeated, inspired by the black police and his idea that behind every crime there is a perverse society moved by money and appearances, The Sinner is a breath of fresh air in the field of dark series for adults and reveals the true talent of Pullman, who in the nineties was a favorite of the big Hollywood productions, with important but bland roles in hits like While You Were Sleeping, Casper or Independence Day.

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