The truth about Shakira’s life

“It’s a path that would have seemed impossible for other people to walk”

“I had to fight as a little girl, as a woman and as a pop artist in a universe dominated by tropical music”. Shakira started music young in Barranquilla, her Colombian hometown. “A little girl from Barranquilla, Colombia, who started in this sector at a time when national talent was not valued as we do today…Doors did not open as easily as they do today”, testifies the singer. One life: Shakira

“My friends at the time told me that I sang like a goat. I think it was a form of passive harassment. But I got over it all”. Despite the criticism, Shakira was able to count on the support of her family and loved ones.
“My father and my mother helped me to appreciate my voice, my talent and not to try to change”. In concert, the artist combines both singing and music. “In general, I create my own choreographies. I like to create them myself, simply because I feel the music better in my body, in me. The movements, when they seem natural to us, are much easier to remember. “
[La vérité sur la chanteuse espagnole Rosalia](The truth about Spanish singer Rosalia)

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