The two stars of ‘The Office’ who will meet again in a movie

Today is a good day for fans of office. Not because the story about the workers of Dunder Mifflin will return (hopefully), but because the admirers of the sitcom will be able to recompose their shattered nostalgia after the end of the series, returning to see two of its main stars in a new movie: Steve Carrell and John Krasinski.

‘The Office’ (NBC)

In officeCarrell played the embarrassing boss of Dunder Mifflin, michael scott. We are talking about the American version that far exceeded the British version commanded by Ricky Gervais. On the other hand, Krasinki embodied Jim Halpert, one of the most prankster characters on the show and one of the main interests at a romantic level, thanks to his relationship with the role of Pam Bessly (Jenna Fischer). Prior to officeCarrell had already had a certain presence in the comedy genre with participation in titles such as Like God either Virgin at 40. A race contrary to that of Krasinki, who found in the series a real take-off ramp, taking him to the forefront of acting. Emily Blunt’s husband has not only triumphed for his roles, he has also moved into directing, performing the first two installments of A peaceful place.

John Krasinski (left) and Steve Carrell (right) in ‘The office’ (NBC)

The film that will bring these two old acquaintances together will be titled Imaginary Friends and the public is not the only one who is dying to see them again sharing the screen. This is what Carrell gave to the ET outlet: “I haven’t started working with him on the movie yet but I can’t wait. I am anticipating only joy and fun. I mean, he’s the best and he’s a great director.” The allusion to the talent behind the scenes of his partner by the comedian is not gratuitous, since the production is written and directed by Krasinski. Jokingly, Carrell said that he still got him in trouble when he was directing the film:

“I’ll put him to the test, you know? I’ll make him work for it. He could be one of those picky actors who don’t always agree. You think you hired someone who is a friend, but you were wrong!”. These two actors will not be the only stars confirmed for Imaginary Friends. Ryan Reynolds, Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Fiona Shaw have already announced their addition to this feature film, originally announced in 2019. It is expected to hit theaters throughout 2023Although an official release date has not been confirmed.

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