The U-19 team debuts with victory against Honduras

El Salvador’s under-19 team took a great first step in the start of the FIFA Forward UNCAF 2022 tournament, by beating their similar team from Honduras 0-2. An early goal from Harold Osorio and another by Alexis Benítez It was enough for the azulita to take the three points from the FFB stadium on Sunday afternoon.

El Salvador jumped onto the pitch of the FFB with the intensity that characterizes it, pressing high and manufacturing the attack from its own half of the field, moving the ball with ideas and not sending balls. Isaac Esquivel and Ronald Arévalo were in charge of carrying out high pressure and preventing the Hondurans from leaving.

Between Danny Ríos and Harold Osorio they received the ball and put together the plays. The first clear chance of the match came five minutes after the opening whistle. Harold Osorio, who wore the captain’s ribbon, made a shot from the left side of the area, sending the ball wide of the goal defended by Juergen García.

The dominance and persistence of the Salvadorans was rewarded. Through a great collective play that he started after recovering the ball in the Salvadoran half of the field and that ended with a connection between Isaac Esquivel and Osorio, sub-captain and captain of the team. Esquivel sent Osorio a low cross and he managed to connect with the ball, while he fell to the ground, and was able to beat the Honduran goal in the 11th minute.

This goal is a reflection of the main idea of ​​the team, the exit of the ball with touches with purpose, an excellent start for the Cuscatlecos.

The Hondurans tried to respond, in the 13th minute they did not take advantage of an error by right back César Orellana, sending the ball out of the goal protected by Damián Alguera.

The Salvadorans dominated more in the first half, coming close to scoring the second on several occasions.

About minute 20, Esquivel executed a direct free kick on the edge of the catracha area, sending the ball just to the left side of the goal, touching the post.

Then, around the 27th minute, Danny Ríos and Ronald Arévalo got together to perform a series of touches and ended up filtering the ball to Mayer Gil, who made a shot that went just to the side.

The response of the Hondurans was less, trying to reach their left wing, however César Orellana was attentive to stop each attempt.

The first half ended with the Hondurans taking free throws to try to tie the match, only they were unsuccessful.


For the second half, both elevenths did not present modifications. The Hondurans were more solid in defense, closing their spaces better.

“La H” also began to reach more to the opposite area, but the Salvadoran defense was attentive to maintain the result.

At minute 62, a free kick by Javier Arriaga was saved by Damián Alguera, without any problem.

Despite the improvement of the Hondurans, the Cuscatlecos were close, again, to increase their advantage.

Esquivel, at minute 64, had another clear opportunity to score the second, reaching the opposite area, but the Honduran goalkeeper was attentive to stop his shot.

The game was more complicated for the Honduran team. Around minute 67, Tomás Sorto was sent off for a direct red card, after making a dangerous tackle on Harold

The panorama was difficult for the Hondurans, and even so they were close to surprising the Salvadorans, with constant shipments of set pieces to the Azulita area, with Alguera always attentive. But towards the end, in a counterattack, Alexis Benítez scored the final 2-0.

The next day will be played this Tuesday, also at the FFB stadium. The selection will be measured against the premises.


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