The UA only depends on itself to teach Medicine

The University of Alicante already it only depends on itself to impart the medicine major. The promises and announcements of the Consell in favor of including the degree in the San Vicente del Raspeig campus become a reality this Tuesday, August 16, with the publication of the decree signed both by President Ximo Puig and by the Minister of Universities, Josefina Bueno.

There is no longer any external procedure. The UA has all the necessary authorizations and permits to include Medicine among the degrees it teaches, as confirmed to this newspaper from the Rector’s Office. As planned by the academic authorities, they will give themselves a deadline this coming academic year to organize the implementation of the degree program “with all the guarantees of quality”, just as the rector, Amparo Navarro, promised when in At the end of April, the president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, announced the Consell’s decision to recover these studies for the University of Alicante, from which they were separated to create the Miguel Hernández University in 1996.

The order establishing the requirements to impart new titles establishes in its article 16 that the authorization of degrees, masters and doctorates in Valencian universities “corresponds to the Consell by Decree“. And it adds that regardless of whether it is effectively published in the DOGV “said authorization will also be communicated to the Ministry of Education that establishes the organization of official education”. For information, therefore, only.

From the already published decree that authorizes the UA to teach the Medicine degree, the academic institution will proceed to publish the Curriculum that the rectoral team already prepared when it was directed by Manuel Palomar, and has two years for its effective start-upas underlined from the Ministry of Universities to questions from this newspaper.

The Rectorate already reported at the time on the decision to implement the degree in Medicine for the 2023-24 academic year, a forecast maintained by the authorities of the Alicante campus that is given a deadline this coming academic year to properly organize the studies in Health Sciences. For your physical location, the old Colegio Mayor is also plannedwhose reform actually aims to become, with time and money, the new Faculty of Health Sciences that would in turn add the Nursing and Nutrition studies that are already taught on campus.

But the fact that the new center project is not completed in September 2023 will not prevent us from starting studios that have space for first 75 enrollments to be offered by the UA within a year. The resources for this center have already been indicated that the UA considers them a priority.


the former rector Manuel Palomar took the request for Medicine to the Governing Council and to the Social Council in 2016, and then passed through ANECA, the National Agency for Accreditation of Studies, a compulsory procedure and prior to authorization by the Ministry and the Valencian Quality Agency.

The title was stalled because the Consell had not yet given the go-ahead, in addition to the fact that theThe pandemic also paralyzed the process, as President Puig indicated when he announced the decision to give it a free pass last April. The rector, Amparo Navarro, insisted again since she took office and brought the petition before the Valencian Interuniversity Council, until she finally Health has also opted for student internships to be extended to the hospital network and public health centers and the degree can be taught with all needs covered.


The 75 places that the UA will open in Medicine in the 2023-24 academic year will exceed 200 in the province along with the 130 offered by the Miguel Hernández University. And in the Community as a whole, the offer for Medicine studies will increase by 10% to 845 compared to the current 770.

Among the extremes indicated by the Consell to tip the balance in favor of these studies are the waiting lists to do this degree, which exceed a thousand students; the next retirement of doctors, with the year 2027 as “turning point in the generational change of the health workforce”; and the promotion of research.

“The province, with its enormous demographic, social and economic capacity, urgently needed to expand medical studies,” declared Puig, and this Monday it was officially authorized that the UA recovers the race from the 2023-24 academic year.

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