The UBU will send the Medicine application this month

The political debate on the establishment of a Faculty of Medicine in Burgos, which was at the center of the plenary session of the Cortes of Castilla y León last November, seemed to reactivate a historical demand of the UBU, which in turn also claims León. At that time, all the parliamentary groups urged the Junta to immediately convene the Council of Universities to address both proposals, although just fifteen days later the Ministry of Education responded emphatically that it would not take steps in this regard until the local academic institution will present a feasibility project on how to carry out said title, arguing that it is the first step to take to expand the official academic offer of the campuses.

The University of Burgos has never shared the justification for said procedure, although it has finally decided to move on and is finalizing what sources from the academic entity define as a “mandatory report” now required by the Board. They ensure that this document is nothing more than a “declaration of intent” about the need for such teachings and the necessary means to implement them. At this point, they detail that it includes aspects such as the faculty on which it will depend, in this case that of Health Sciences, as well as the facilities for teaching and internships, experience in the health field, the willingness of professionals to give class or the existence of a University Hospital (HUBU). “This is a justification for why we are claiming this title,” they specify.

(More information in the printed edition of Diario de Burgos today, Friday, or here)

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