the ultimate trick to know if they are fake

Since their arrival on the market at the end of 2016, AirPods have revolutionized the way we listen to music. At first they were highly criticized both for their design and their price, but time has once again proved Apple right, they are the most imitated wireless headphones in the world. If you have one, that you have not bought through an official channel, and you want to clear up your doubts about its authenticity, we leave you some tips so that you can discover if your airpods are fake or not.

Find out if your AirPods are fake

It goes without saying that if you bought them at an Apple Store or online from the manufacturer, it is impossible that your AirPods are fake. The same thing happens when we turn to absolutely trustworthy businesses. The thing changes if we buy them from a second-hand seller or in a store that we do not trust. Remember that nobody gives hard to four pesetas, so if you have bought some supposedly original AirPods and brand new for ā‚¬30, be sure that they will not be the authentic ones, but an imitation.

look at the box

The outer appearance of the box also gives many clues. The materials used are different, and there are often typographical errors. If the headphones come in a sealed box, Apple places a very distinctive small seal, characterized by a fluorescent green or orange dot. In the same way, AirPods are charged through the cable lightning, if you find some AirPods that are charged by another system, they are not the authentic ones.

the outward appearance

Some AirPods give off quality in terms of the plastic used, and the hinge that opens the headphone box offers some resistance. Counterfeit headsets have a much lower quality plastic, being the thickness thinner and the hinge very weak. In the same way, the earphones themselves do not fit properly in the ear. A very characteristic feature of counterfeit AirPods is that of having a light on the headphones, even a button to pair them. Fake manual.

Try to pair them with your iPhone

If you place the headphones in their box near an iPhone and press the button, you will be presented with the option to pair the device. This process is done very quickly so if pairing occurs almost without your noticing, you have high chances that your AirPods are authentic. Also, check that the button to start the pairing process is completely flush with the case, it shouldn’t be protruding at all. This is a sign that you have original AirPods.

Check the serial number

go to Settings>Bluetooth>AirPods. By clicking on the blue ā€œiā€ you will see the model and serial number.

You only have to copy it and check the authenticity of your device on this website. This page tells you how long you are covered by the manufacturer, but it is also a method to know the authenticity of any Apple device.

It is the definitive method to know that your headphones are authentic. All these tips will serve to clear up doubts about whether your airpods are fake or you have finally managed to buy the authentic model.

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