the ultrawide required a lot of additional work, that’s why –

God of War on PC supports viewing in ultrawide which is able to give new breath to the graphics of the game, but its implementation was not at all simple, with a lot of extra work to be carried out for developers, as explained in an interview published by PC Gamer.

Matt DeWald, senior technical producer of the PC version of God of War, explained in fact that the particular shot used by the game and its characteristic direction, or the fact that it is a long sequence shot without actual cuts, caused a considerable complexity in the implementation of the ultrawide.

It was not simply a matter of acting on the resolution, which would have been quite simple: widening the field of view some appeared elements that were expected to be off stage, thus forcing extra processing to fix everything. For example, there could be characters who moved from one position to another without real animations because they were still invisible.

“So we had to go back and insert animations for all these situations. It required a total overhaul of the entire game, not just in terms of cutscenes, because these are also displayed in-game without cutouts. ”

God of War on PC is having considerable success

God of War on PC is having considerable success

The cutscenes, in short, are built as an integral part of the gameplay, according to the particular style imparted by Santa Monica to the game.

“We had to go back and double check everything: Was there a Draugr on the side of the screen that suddenly appears because it is now visible? Does Atreus move from side to side? Kratos’ kilt shifts because the fabric simulation doesn’t work right? These are all things we had to double check and fix, ”DeWald explained, because before they just happened offstage and didn’t cause concern.

Sony has also released a trailer dedicated to ultra-wide support on God of War for PC, while you can learn more about the game by reading our review of the PC version.

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