The UMA, “a dream” that came true 50 years ago

The solemn opening ceremony of the 2022/2023 academic year of Andalusian universities It was held at the Higher Technical School of Telecommunications Engineering in Malaga this Friday. In the 50th anniversary of the University of Malagathe one in charge of giving the inaugural lesson has been Pablo Lara Muñoz, dean of the Faculty of Medicine.

“A dream came true on September 30, 1972”, this is how Pablo Lara Muñoz began his inaugural lecture entitled ’50 years of Medicine at the University of Malaga. Learning from the past, living the present, thinking about the future’. So that, 50 years agoaccording to Lara in her speech, Decree 2566/1972, of August 18, was published in the BOE, by which the Universities of Córdoba, Málaga and Santander were founded“twinned forever by that coincidence at the beginning of their university journey”.

With just the Faculty of Economic and Business Sciences and the Faculty of Medicine and some more of 4,000 students in the 1972/1973 academic year, the UMA opened its doors for the first time. Five decades later, the numbers have multiplied to reach almost 34,000 Bachelor and Master students who enrolled in the course 2021/2022 in any of the 72 Degrees or 73 Masters offered by the University. Last year, the number of students who completed their university studies reached 7,051, a totally different figure from the 497 who graduated in the academic year of 1980/1981.

In this way, the dean of the Faculty of Medicine ensures that “The history of the University of Malaga is the history of a city devoted to its university”. Following this line and citing the rector of the University, José Ángel Narváez, he insists that the creation of the University of Malaga is “the story of a success of Malaga society. Malaga, capital and province, and its university work together in an exemplary symbiosis that makes us stronger and more innovative, a national and European reference”.

The University of Malaga, for the Dean of Medicine, “is not just buildings or facilities; they are the fruit of the effort of those who form and are formed in them”. In his speech he stresses that “university men and women” are lucky because thanks to their work they have the opportunity to “learn, improve, work as a teamestablishing action synergies, compatible with criticism”.

Observing the 50 years of life, not only of the University of Malaga, but also of the Faculty of Medicine, Lara points out that in this half century More than seven thousand doctors have been trained in the province and 1,500 doctoral theses have been defended. For this reason, he considers that these are “a solid endorsement of the work of those who have preceded us and of our own, whose reason for being is to serve our university and our society.”

The inaugural lecture It has traveled to the beginnings in the Civil Hospital and has gone through the transfer of the Faculty to the Teatinos Campus and the project and construction of the Virgen de la Victoria University Clinical Hospital, until reaching the current Faculty of Medicine. Pablo Lara has made a journey through the entire history of the Faculty of Medicine in Malaga, emphasizing the importance of training and that research activity is “one of the hallmarks of our Faculty”.

In this sense, observing the growth not only of the UMA, but also of the Faculty of Medicine, Lara concluded her speech by pointing out that “We have a lot to improve and we want to do it” because he considers that the history of the Faculty can only be understood because it is part of the University. Furthermore, he points out that “The history of the University and its Faculty is just beginning”. Therefore, “we have the honor of being protagonists of what continues to be its beginnings today, celebrating this anniversary”.

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