the uncomfortable moment of the Argentine rapper during the program in which Belinda recently shone

During the last days, the Argentine rapper Cazzu has become a trend due to the promotion of his most recent album and his alleged affair with Christian Nodal.

The speculations about the possible relationship between Nodal and Cazzu They emerged after both artists were seen hand in hand while walking the streets of Antigua Guatemala.

On this occasion, The Argentine rapper returned to give something to talk about after attending the Spanish program The resistancea show in which Belinda, ex-fiancée of her alleged sentimental partner, was a few months ago.

However, the reasons why Cazzu went viral were not positive, since The interview produced several discussions between its presenter, David Broncano, and the 28-year-old artist.

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Cazzu came to The resistance to promote his new album, cheating babebut David Broncano produced the fury of the singer by mistakenly changing the name of the album.

“Trap girl, right?” asked the presenter while holding the album cover upside down.

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“It’s Trap Babe, but it’s okay. They told me that we Argentines were treated well here, that’s why I came. They lied,” said Cazzu, showing his annoyance at this comment.

realizing his mistake, The Spanish presenter tried to fix the situation, but Cazzu continued to be upset and questioned his work in the middle of the program.

“Nerd. Now that you say it, it’s too late. How did you get this job? ”, She indicated, causing laughter and applause from those present.


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Cazzu’s interview in The resistance came to light again after rumors about his romantic relationship with Christian Nodal and social media users quickly compared it to Belinda’s performance on this show.

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At the end of April this year, Belinda was also invited to the Spanish programwhere he captivated people with his personality and answered David Broncano’s questions with great wit.

In this appearance, the interpreter de Light without Gravity He defended the criticism made in Spain regarding Mexico and joked about the differences in accent between the two countries.

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