the underside of his “tourism ambassador” contract with Saudi Arabia

The partnership seems very surprising since PSG is under Qatari ownership and Qatar and Saudi Arabia broke diplomatic relations between 2017 and 2021. Lionel Messi traveled to Jeddah for two days earlier this week for a visit in the kingdom in order to honor his contract as “tourism ambassador” of the country.

This contract, PSG knew of its existence. It was made possible by the image rights held 100% by the Argentinian. The Parisian club therefore had nothing to say. These partnerships are highly sought after, confirms Frank Hocquemiller, who manages the image of leading footballers and rugby players. “Of 100 million euros, Ronaldo earned 75 last year by selling his image. These players earn more money at the end of their career with the management of their image than with their job as a footballer”.

Qatar and Saudi Arabia have renewed diplomatic ties since last year. PSG has never really suffered from the breakdown of relations between the two countries. In 2017, in the midst of turmoil, a youth academy was launched in the main country of the Arabian Peninsula and Parisian players, in January, were initially due to detour through Riyadh for a friendly match, before this tour of the Middle East. Orient is canceled.

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