The unexpected turn of Sergio Ramos at PSG

ANDIn football only the present counts. Let them tell Sergio Ramos that after a first year with many doubts in the PSG, currently has another role and prominence that have made him a fundamental piece for Galtier. The Spaniard is the leader of the defense along with Marquinhos.

Sergio Ramos has already overcome, halfway through this season, the number of games and minutes compared to last season in which he was injured and that prevented him from reaching his best level to shine in Paris as he had always done in the Real Madrid.

The level of Ramos this season at PSG has Surprisedeven, in the French club itself that did not have such a high performance in a player that must not be forgotten that he is 36 years old and in two months, in March, he will turn 37. “His first season, you have to put a cross on him. But this season has been amazing. Nobody here understood why Spain did not call him up for the World Cup in Qatar”, says an information in ‘The Athletic’, regarding what they say in the club about Ramos.

This situation has meant a change in his situation at PSG. Ramos ends his contract in six months, but at PSG they are already thinking about a possible renewal. “If he continues like this, he will be offered a contract extension”adds the information published in that medium.

The thing is that after Leo Messi, the Spanish Sergio Ramos could be the next to renew. Age does not seem to matter to PSG, which pays more attention to what happens on the field. That’s where Sergio Ramos is speaking to show that he still has the level to continue being a defensive bulwark in a top team like PSG.

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