The University counselor assures that Huelva will have a degree in Medicine within two years

“Things would have to go very badly” for Huelva “I didn’t have the medicine degree the course of 2024/2025″. This was stated by the Minister of University, Research and Innovation of the Junta de Andalucía, Jose Carlos Gomez Villamandoswhile pointing out that it is not available before because “there are a series of requirements and administrative deadlines that prevent it from being available” for the next academic year.

During his visit to the facilities of the Business Development Support Center (CADE) in Huelva, he indicated that already at the inauguration of this academic year at the University of Huelva he expressed the “commitment” of his Department to “support Huelva” so that had a degree in Medicine, while explaining that on January 9 he received from the rector of the University of Huelva, Maria Antonia Penaa eraser with the needs to see if they could be covered.

“We believe that these needs can be easily covered”, the counselor outlined before explaining that it has also been requested that “they start preparing the Curriculum“, which he hopes will be ready “soon”, as well as that he is working with the UHU on “a first analysis” of the infrastructures.

With respect to the times, he has outlined that there are “some processes external to the Ministry and the University” of “evaluation of the study plans and another series of considerations” that prevent it from being implemented before, since he has indicated that, “Of course, for that course there will be a degree in medicine, along with a stabilization and promotion plan for teachers“. “Two actions that the rector of Huelva has requested, with good judgment and that have to go hand in hand, and that is how we are going to do it.”

Finally, Villamandos has stressed that implementing this degree, “in addition to a responsibility towards Huelva and the people of Huelva” is also a responsibility towards “all of Andalusia and Spain”, due to “the lack of doctors” which will cause “a shortage of these professionals, who are so important for everyone”, to be suffered, for which reason “you have to provide the means”.

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