The University of Huelva marks the feasibility study of the Degree in Medicine as one of the “milestones” of 2022


The University of Huelva (UHU) has taken stock of the past year 2022, “marked by the recovery of full normality” after the covid pandemic, and has highlighted some “milestones” of the past year such as the completion of the feasibility study of the Degree in Medicine from Huelva or the laying of the first stone of what will be their future student residence, which “represents a commitment to expanding the number of degrees and services provided to the university community.”

Likewise, in a press release, the UHU has made an assessment, for the fourth consecutive year, of its news and information published on its different channels. With the new website of the University of Huelva, the Communication Portal ( collects all the news, the history of events, communications and publications on social networks under the brand @UniHuelva. Previously, a document was published as a Yearbook, whose previous editions can be consulted on this new portal.

In addition, the University of Huelva has highlighted that during the past year the Huelva “has remained at the forefront of Spain in terms of transparency”, since last November “it received a new distinction in this area from the Fundación Haz “, which presented him with the three-star Seal T for Transparent, “the highest distinction for the most transparent universities”. In addition, “it was positioned as the most transparent Spanish university in the dynamic ranking of the Dyntra Foundation”.

The new website of the University of Huelva, launched on February 15, 2022, has since had a total of four million visits and 408 thousand unique users. This new portal, moreover, was proposed from the beginning to adapt the navigability to smartphones and tablets, which the previous website, operational since 2006, did not allow. The result is that 37.3% of visits to the web are made from mobile phones.

In terms of teaching quality, “new achievements” have also been produced, such as the one achieved by the Interuniversity Program in Communication coordinated by the University of Huelva and which has received the Doctorate Quality Award granted by the Ibero-American Postgraduate University Association ( AUIP).

On the other hand, the University of Huelva has pointed out that it took “a very important step” in 2022 in its process of “building alliances” with other universities in the European Union to create “open and transversal” European degrees that allow students choose their route and the country where they take each part of the degree. Specifically, Huelva was awarded the European Sustainable Horizon project, in which it participates together with five universities from Portugal, Romania, Germany, the Czech Republic and Finland.

He has also highlighted that 2022 has been the year in which, “for the first time”, the University of Huelva has become part of the Standing Committee of the Conference of Rectors of Spanish Universities (CRUE), in which the rector joined from Huelva, María Antonia Peña.

In the same way, the UHU has stressed that it should be noted that it has also continued to have “a notable contribution to the socioeconomic development of the province, which has occurred, among many other projects, with its leading role in achieving the Project CEUS”.

In the field of communication, the University of Huelva has reported that it has redoubled its “bet” in the audiovisual format, with video production, event coverage and maintaining the channel on the YouTube platform as the main repository.

In addition, the UHU is immersed in the creation of ‘vertical’ audiovisual content, popularized by the ‘TikTok’ social network, and “positions itself as one of the first Spanish universities to have a presence in these new communicative languages”, with the aim of “bringing the institution closer to the students and the most current uses they make of these platforms”.

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