The University of Jaén will teach medicine next year

The Rector of the University of Jaén, Juan Gómez Ortega, has confirmed that the Medicine Degree will be taught at the university next year. All this, after the favorable report of the DEVA (Directorate of Evaluation and Accreditation of the Andalusian Knowledge Agency).

Degree in Medicine at the University of Jaén

The rector recalled that this project arose at the proposal of the Social Council of the UJA in 2007, with the approval in 2010 of the Andalusian Council of Universities (CAU). His approval was conditional on a viability that had not occurred until now, first due to the 2008 economic crisis that prevented the hiring of personnel or the development of infrastructure, and later due to the start of the pandemic.

Everything ready to start in the 2022-2023 academic year

Teachers. The teaching of the Degree in Medicine at the UJA requires covering a series of issues. On the one hand, the teaching staff: the teachers who will teach the first academic year are already assigned, practically 90% of whom are full professors and professors at the UJA, “with enormous experience and a long professional career”.

Classes. On the teaching level, the Jaen University It has already prepared the schedules for the only group of 60 students who will take the first year of Medicine at the UJA, which will include all the theoretical classes in the morning, as well as the vast majority of the practices. In addition, the teaching guides are included in the entire process like the rest of the UJA degrees and will be published as planned, like the rest of the UJA Degree degrees.

Infrastructures. As far as the infrastructure section is concerned, until the future I+D+i and ICT building is finished, where the Faculty of Health Sciences of the UJA will be transferred, the additional laboratories necessary for the implementation of the Degree in Medicine in first and second course already have a location.

  • “In the case of the first course, in addition to the resources we already have, two new laboratories are necessary, for which they have been assigned a location and the public administrative procedures for the acquisition of additional teaching material are well advanced, of which the UJA already has enough.
  • And for the second course, the new provisional locations are already planned.
  • When the works of the new building are finished, both the personnel and the laboratories will be transferred, to which the new ones will be added to cover the needs required by the Degree in Medicine.

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