The unrecognized son of “Puma” Rodríguez announced happy news

Juan José Rodríguez, is better known as Puma Junior and is the unrecognized son of Jose Luis ‘El Puma’ Rodriguez. He is 25 years old and like the 79-year-old artist, he dedicated himself to music and has been asked more than once about the link with who would be his father. The Puma Junior announced good news for its fans.

Since he was little his grandmother called him ‘the pumice‘ for his incredible resemblance to the interpreter of ‘Hold hands’, despite the fact that he has denied it on several occasions and has stated that he is the son of his brother Oswald Rodríguez. However, he has a close relationship with Lila Morillo and her alleged half-sisters, with whom he is in permanent contact.

The Puma Junior is the unrecognized son of the Puma Rodríguez. Source Instagram @elpumajunior

The foray into music Cougar Junior he started when he was a teenager and already has more than 15 albums sold. The musician has just participated in the tribute to the musical band ‘Los Panchos’ and also lent his voice to remake the song ‘Dueño de nada’. On the other hand, he not only covers the Puma, but also has his own musical themes, because he wants to differentiate himself from his supposed father.

The unrecognized son of Puma Rodríguez had a difficult start to the year, because he had to undergo heart surgery. However, after a few days he managed to recover and reconfirmed his return to the stage. Through his Instagram account, where he accumulates thousands of followers, the Cougar Junior He announced happy news for his fans.

The Puma Junior and his gang. Source Instagram @elpumajunior

A few days ago, Puma Junior recorded a cumbia version of his supposed father’s song, ‘Agarrense de las Manos’ and he did it together with the Peruvian orchestra Rio Band. This theme is included in the new album that will go on sale next June 18 in our country and will be available on all digital platforms.

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