The unusual snowball fight that broke out in the stands during a friendly match

Fans threw snowballs in the stands

In the middle of the 2022-23 season in Europe, a friendly match between the spartak praha from the Czech Republic and the nuremberg of the second division of Germany where it was carried out an unusual episode among fans of both teams.

This meeting, which was held as an exhibition since some matches of the 2. Bundesliga had to be suspended Due to weather issues, he is touring the world not because of what happened inside the field but in the stands.

There, while the 39 minutes of the first half, the cameras of the official transmission captured the moment in which the fans began a snowball fight which lasted several seconds.


The images were very funny for the spectators since in the recording it was possible to see that there was no meanness or aggressiveness between the protagonists but only had fun throwing ice from sector to sector, collecting the stagnant snow on the seats.

The match, which clearly faded into the background for the fans, ended the victory of the local team, Spartak Praha 3-1. It should be noted that in the same meeting, another striking event was also carried out that was later shared by the Czech team in their official accounts.

“We won 3:1 in the epet ARENA. Thanks to our innovation, they can enjoy the most important moments of the game! directly from the perspective of the players!”warned the winning team on their social networks.

In the video you could see Lukáš Haraslín in action. First, the Slovak striker ran to put pressure on the defender and, on the second play, he took the ball and went straight at the opposing goalkeeper to define calmly on the farthest suit.

The camera that he was wearing on his chest recorded the entire sequence until the celebrations with his companions and the effusive shouts, while inside the highlights The goal was seen from the normal camera.

After playing their last game for points on November 13, Nuremberg will play an official match again next January 29. In between he had four friendly matches not to miss the beat after German football has been stopped for weather reasons.

The spartak prahameanwhile, is third in the Czech Football League and will see action again on January 28 against Sigma Olomouchis immediate pursuer.

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