the urologist specifies the new amount of water needed per day

The human body is 60% water. This figure increases in some cases of the brain (70%) or blood (80%). That’s why, Drinking water is essential for the proper functioning of the body.

However, One of the big questions is how much water you should drink each day.. One of the figures that experts traditionally refer to is the figure two liters per day (eight glasses).

However, this is not an absolute truth. There are different opinions on this matter. For example, US National Academies they note that Men they must consume 3.7 liters of liquid from drinks and food, and women will have to take 2.7 liters.

From my side, World Health Organization (WHO) differentiates the daily amount of water that should be taken orally, taking into account the weight of each person. The organization notes that For every kilogram of weight you need about 35 ml of water per day.

The importance of drinking water regularly for your bladder

Now, Urologist Rena Malik tried to shed some light on this issue.. The expert emphasized that it is important to drink water regularly to avoid bladder irritation.

“If you drink too little water, your urine becomes very concentrated.”Malik explained. Therefore, “this concentrated urine is actually may act as a bladder irritant. “This means you may feel like you need to urinate more often or faster.”

Referring to amount of water you need to drink per daythe urologist clarified that it is not necessary to take them Eight glasses water. “It is necessary to consume some type of liquid in this amount per day.”– the expert clarified.

However, Malik noted that There are people who need to drink more fluids.for example those who suffer frequent urinary tract infections. In such cases, you should follow your doctor’s instructions.

On the contrary, the specialist also emphasized that Water consumption should be moderate and not exceed certain levels.: “Sometimes if you drink too much, You can reduce your body’s salt content too much and cause what is called hyponatremia.that could make you seriously ill.”

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