The US asks its citizens to leave Haiti

The United States embassy in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, yesterday recommended its citizens to be alert and leave that country, after reflecting on the risks of remaining there while the growing fuel shortage worsens and the deterioration of security increases.

Persistent insecurity and growing fuel shortages are hampering the ability of US citizens to find transportation to and from the country’s embassy and airports.

Likewise, he underlines that the problems generated by the situation of petroleum derivatives, which in his opinion has a global component, deprive Haitians “of the bare minimum.”

“The US government has extremely limited ability to provide emergency services to US citizens in Haiti and is unable to provide transportation services,” he says.

It reminds its citizens that Haiti has the highest level of travel advisory, referring to grade number 4, for kidnapping, crime, and civil unrest.

It also recognizes that the Haitian police generally lack the resources to respond effectively to requests for assistance.”

Consequently, it believes that US citizens should carefully consider “the risks of traveling to or staying in Haiti in light of the deteriorating security situation and infrastructure challenges.”

These problems, he notes, “can limit access to essential services, in an emergency, including access to banks, money transfers, urgent medical care, Internet and telecommunications, and public and private transportation options.

Ask not to travel to the country

In addition to suggesting to Americans that they should seriously consider returning to the United States, he asks those interested in traveling to that country “not to do so.”

It has also suggested avoiding demonstrations and large gatherings of people, and developing and practicing “contingency plans to shelter in place” and/or access airports.

More internal division

On the other hand, the Montana Agreement Monitoring Office denounced alleged “maneuvers” by the Integrated Office of the United Nations and a leader of the Volunteers for the Development of Haiti, to launch a document that, presumably, foresees “the creation of of a high transition council to strengthen the power of Ariel Henry “to the detriment of the demands of the population”.

According to the entity, the ambitions of the United Nations Office in Haiti “are great” and ensures that the secret negotiations are held in collusion with its president-elect, Fritz Alphonse Jean.

These maneuvers with a leader of the Volunteers, he alleges, “tend to execute a document entitled “National Consensus for participatory governance and inclusive elections” that would have been validated after consultations with various sectors.

The weight of the crisis

After the assassination of President Jovenel Moise by a foreign commando, an earthquake and a tropical storm, Haiti has found itself with a colossal crisis, specifically dragged down by an enormous fuel shortage that has that impoverished country on the verge of collapse.

The armed gangs, who have control of more than half of Port-au-Prince, the country’s capital, and extensive swathes of territory, have taken advantage of all this.

Since the middle of this year, gangs have killed and kidnapped hundreds of people in the capital, according to a United Nations report.


what nexus

United States-Haiti relations are diplomatic relations between the two. According to the 2012 US Global Leadership Report, 79% of Haitians approve of that country’s leadership, with 18% disapproving and 3% uncertain, the highest rating for any country surveyed in the Americas. .

After Haiti gained its independence from France in 1804, through the slave rebellion, southern slavery feared that this event might influence slaves in the United States, and the United States refused to recognize the Caribbean country’s independence. , until 1862.
President Andrew Johnson suggested annexing the island to ensure influence over Europe in the Caribbean

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