The US indicates the Abinader government only has 1 case prosecuted for corruption

The report on the Human rights on the Dominican Republic presented by the USApoints out that in the current administration of Government of the president Louis Abinader it has only been confronted and investigated a case of corruption of its management.

On its page number 23, it details that the the only case of the current government that is under process is from the director of the National lottery.

“The Specialized Prosecution Office for Administrative Corruption (PEPCA) arrested on June 15 the then director of the national lottery, Luis Maisichell Dicentfollowing accusations that dicent orchestrated a major fraud worth more than 150 million pesos (2.5 million dollars)”, indicates the report of the USA.

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This report adds that NGO representatives state that in the presidential management of Louis Abinader cases have been initiated against “public officials” and “high-level politicians”, but all of the past government.

“(…) A series of cases against public officials, including high-level politicians and their families, mostly from the previous administrationbut also members of the current administration”, external the US report.

They insist that despite the apparent tiny effort, corruption in the current administration continues to be a problem.

“Nevertheless, government corruption remained a serious problem.”

other casos

“On June 29, the PEPCA arrested former attorney general Jean Alain Rodriguez and seven other people on charges of fraud, public corruption and money laundering related to the construction of the Penitentiary Center of The New Victory”, collects the report.

“In September, the PEPCA made several arrests related to a drug trafficking and money laundering plot in which a current official and three congressmen were implicated, one of them from the ruling party”, about this case, it should be noted that so far it is unknown at the level of investigation of it.

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“In November, the PEPCA launched another operation involving active military commanders. In particular, the authorities detained Juan Carlos Torres Robiougeneral of the Air Force and former head of Specialized Body of Tourist Security under the current administration.

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