The US reveals how four extraditable coyotes charged up to US$12,000 per trip and allowed a Guatemalan woman to die

The US Department of Justice processes the extradition of four Guatemalan coyotes that they would be involved in the death of a migrant, whose body was thrown on a highway in Texas.

Felipe Diego Alonzo, alias “Siete”; Nesly Norberto Martínez Gómez, “Canche”; López Mateo Mateo, “Bud Light”; and Juan Gutiérrez Castro, “Andrés”, are about to become the first Guatemalan coyotes to be extradited to the US

The four are accused of having trafficked dozens of migrants, who were charged between US$10,000 and US$12,000 for the “dangerous” trip, the Department of Justice reported.

In addition, the Department of Justice detailed that the four Guatemalans They were arrested along with 15 other people on August 2 during a large-scale operation against structures dedicated to human trafficking and which was coordinated by Joint Task Force Alpha.

“Joint Task Force Alpha was created to investigate and prosecute international networks responsible for dangerous activities and prolific human smuggling operations that exploit and victimize migrants,” said Assistant Attorney General Kenneth A. Polite, Jr. of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division.

According to the authorities, the detainees also would be linked to the death in 2021 of the Guatemalan migrant Marta Ana Raymundo Corio, 22-year-old in Texas, whose body was thrown on the side of a road in that same state.

Therefore, the four are accused of conspiring and bringing a foreigner to the US resulting in death; to conspire and bring a foreigner for financial gain and of encouraging and inducing a foreign national to enter the US for financial gain.

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Deputy Attorney General Kenneth A. Polite explained Thursday at a press conference that the International Affairs office in Washington is coordinating his extradition, that will take place in a period of “four to six months” and that it will represent “the first extradition from Guatemala for human trafficking in a long time.”

A statement from the Department of Justice details that the family of Marta Ana Raymundo Corio paid the defendants approximately US$10,000 for the trip to the US. Furthermore, according to the indictment, “the defendants and their accomplices guided her for several days through the desert to Odessa, Texas, where she ultimately perished.

Upon learning of his death, the defendants and their accomplices tThey worked quickly to dispose of the body. and dumped it on the side of a rural highway in Crane County, Texas.”

“These recent arrests are the culmination of more than a year of international coordination and investigative efforts. of this extensive human smuggling operation,” said United States Attorney Ashley C. Hoff.

“This specific criminal organization has smuggled a large number of migrants from Guatemala, which included a young woman who died while being smuggled, and whose body was later cruelly dumped by smugglers in Crane County, Texas. Together with our partners, the United States Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Texas is committed to providing justice and holding all criminals accountable for their crimes, including members of the criminal organization who remain in Guatemala,” added the official. .

In search of a better life

Every year, more than 300 thousand Guatemalans attempt to immigrate irregularly to the United States in search of better living conditions and thus flee from poverty in the region, according to official calculations and international organizations.

The country ended 2021 with 69 arrested for various crimes for extradition, the highest figure in its history. Most of those arrested are wanted in the United States for drug trafficking.

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Combating the “horrible crime” of coyotaje is one of the Security Department’s goals, officials said, primarily in Central America.

They highlighted the exchange of information between the countries to reach this type of capture and subsequent extradition.

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