The valuable contribution of Dr. Ana Judith Román, the first neurologist in Puerto Rico

This health professional is characterized by being the first female neurologist specializing in electroencephalography in Puerto Rico.

The contributions of Dr. Ana Judith Román have allowed her to be an inspirational figure as the first neurologist in Puerto Rico. // Photo: MSP

The Puerto Rico Hall of Fame, in its second version, praises the work and merit of different professionals such as Dr. Ana Judith RomanNeurologist – Outstanding Internist from the University of Medicine of Puerto Rico, with a subspecialty in Electroencephalography.

On this occasion, the person in charge of presenting the exalted woman was Dr. Jaime Rivera Dueño, Pediatrician, former Secretary of the Department of Health, and member of the board of directors of the Puerto Rico Medical Association, who affirmed that he was proud of the quality of the exalted who stand out in each of their areas: “these people with practically nothing: with a microscope, with a stethoscope they managed to do all this”, in addition, he assured that he feels honored to be presenting Dr. Ana Judith: “Among these people there are also women, and for me, I have to present a jewel of a woman that is really something extraordinary.”

Origin and medical studies

A native of Río Piedras, Dr. Ana Judith Roman García begins his path in the academic world at the Vila Mayo school in his town. From there, he began his pre-medical studies at the University of Puerto Rico in Río Piedras, where he graduated (1949) when he was just 18 years old.

Thanks to the fact that at that time, there was no School of Medicine in Puerto Rico, that same year Dr. Román traveled to Europe with several young Puerto Ricans. She was admitted to the University of Montpellier in France, “being the youngest in her class, without money and without knowing the language,” added Dr. Jaime Rivera Dueño. She “she studied Medicine during the week, and on weekends she studied French.

Finally, the specialist completed her studies in France in 1955.

Upon return to Puerto Rico

Already graduated as a doctor in Medicine, she returned to the island in 1955, did her internship at the Fajardo District Hospital, and thus completed two years of Internal Medicine at the institution.

She was then admitted to the Internal Medicine program at the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine (1958), at the San Juan Municipal Hospital.

Two years later she became Chief Medical Resident, when the School of Medicine was moved to the University District Hospital.


He became part of the first group of residents admitted to a three-year training program, when Dr. Luis Sánchez Longo began the fellowship in Neurology. Once she finished her specialization in Neurology, she received a scholarship from Harvard University and traveled to the city of Boston to work at the prestigious Massachusetts General Hospital, where she did a subspecialty in Electroencephalography.

She was awarded a scholarship to carry out rotations in electroencephalogram centers of the highest international prestige in the main cities of Europe, such as London, Belgium, Paris, Munich, Salzburg and Barcelona; for her excellent grades during that training: “Harvard hires her as a consultant, so that she can visit several European countries in neurology and encephalography,” comments Dr. Rivera.

Upon her return to Puerto Rico, she founded the Parkinson’s Foundation and began directing the Medical Center’s Encephalography Laboratory, which she was in charge of until 1995, being not only the director, but also a professor at the center.

This is how, at 93 years old, she continues as a faculty member in the Neurology Section of the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine, with the rank of professor, serving as the main professor in the area of ​​Clinical Neurophysiology and Electroencephalography.

He has belonged to the Board of Examiners of Physicians of Puerto Rico and has participated as an expert in his specialty in various forums and courts. And in 1998 she was chosen to represent the School of Medicine of the University of Puerto Rico in the section of the Schools of Medicine of the American Medical Association.

The now of Dr. Ana Judith

Her studies and dedication to advances in Neurology allow her to be a key speaker at multiple medical and scientific forums in Puerto Rico, the United States, and the Caribbean. She was President of the Eastern District of the Puerto Rico Medical Association, an institution that in 1991 recognized her with the honor of “Physician of the Year”.

The doctor Ana Judith Roman She is that professional who, to date, can be seen at the University of Puerto Rico, teaching classes to these new promises of Puerto Rican Medicine.

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