The Victoria’s Secret Show returns with a new format with Doja Cat. LOS40

it’s been five years since el secreto de victoria decided to end its famous parades full of angels. Times had changed and the show, presented by the famous lingerie firm, no longer enjoyed the popularity of its early years. Other shows like Rihanna’s Fenty, featuring all body types and more focused on television, gained popularity.

This 2023, The Lingerie Firm is returning with a new show for Prime Video premiering on 26th September. And he does it with one of the biggest stars of the moment: doja cat, The American singer, who has become a fashion icon in recent years, will headline a piece of content that Prime Video has produced in association with Victoria’s Secret, which they market as the “Victoria’s Secret World Tour”.

A very special content where viewers will be able to watch a fashion show which will have its own documentary part. Of course, Doja Cat will be one of the heroes. Not only will she be donning some signature looks, but she’ll also be penning the soundtrack to the show. It should be remembered that the last time we saw a parade of lingerie firms was in 2018.

Doja Cat talks to Harper’s Bazaar about being a part of the experience. And the thing is I really wanted to record with him: “Victoria’s Secret has been a fun, popular brand for me since its inception, and I love that I can still say that. Being a part of a global phenomenon like the Tour has been an incredible experience.”

What is the Victoria’s Secret World Tour about?

As anticipated by Harper’s Bazaar, Victoria’s Secret’s new format, consisting of 20 creatives collaborating with it, seeks to bring the brand closer to its followers. In this way, we can see what is the process of creating a new collection of dresses that will appear in the new edition of its emblematic parade.

Doja Cat, who also has a passion for fashion, has also been a part of these designs, creating her own design: a futuristic design with nude tones with latex material. some of the clothes with which Doja affirmed herself to feel “powerful”.

We’ll have to wait to see this new edition of the famous Victoria’s Secret parade. Will it be able to repeat the success of its previous format?

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