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Video of ‘Katy Perry’, new single from outcast, at the registry office Valerio Vacca, first with the signed distribution ADA Music Italy and available on radio and on all streaming platforms. The videoclip, written and directed by Massimo Scar, which boasts the participation of Natasha Kershaw as a director of photography and Valentina Padula as an interpreter, he brings to light the sensuality of an emotional boy as an outcast, which emerges even more through the images supported by the rhythm and the words of the song.

“In this video – says the director – it was important to allow Valerio to express the joy of meeting and love through a dynamic experience, created thanks to the free dance in the playback scenes. The casquè with the hanger and fishnet stockings, on the other hand, are a tribute to the film with Mel Gibson ‘What Women Want’ “.

After the singles ‘Okay’ and ‘Fuori’ which presented her fresh sound that winks at R&B sounds, in ‘Katy Perry’, produced by Charles Kendl, outcast finds a way out of his four walls in the eyes of his woman, which strengthen her self-esteem and immerse the artist in an out-of-body experience in which taboo gives way to complicity and sensuality.

‘Katy Perry’, the artist comments, “is a light-hearted storytelling in which I try to escape from the four walls that enclose my inner self. Imagining a typical evening with a girl, I am captured by the irresistible sensuality of her gaze. It is said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, so getting lost in someone’s eyes helps to identify with that person and know everything about them. Those of my “Katy Perry” are green, the color of nature, assigned to the fourth chakra, the heart chakra, a symbol of pure and unconditional love “.


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