The video that shows the concern of Dakota Johnson to discover the wound of the finger of Johnny Depp

The Internet has been an active part of the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Social networks have played an important role in compiling the testimonies and pulling the newspaper library to position themselves on the side of one or the other of the two interpreters.

Along with this, many have rescued images corresponding to the years that the marriage of both lasted, coinciding with some of the most shocking statements that have been pronounced in court. Like the one from Johnny Depp finger incident.

The actor’s lawyers had previously claimed that he lost part of his middle finger after Heard threw several glass bottles at him during a violent fight. According to the doctor, David Kipper, in addition to crystals there were “blood all over the house“, despite the fact that, at the time, Depp insisted that he did not want to incriminate his wife.

Versions about the 2015 accident have varied over the years. Even, An audio of the 58-year-old star was revealed confessing that he himself cut his finger. But Depp excused himself by saying that he did it to avoid getting Heard in trouble.

Dakota Johnson’s bewildered face when she saw Johnny Depp’s finger

At that time, and after filming ‘Pirates of the Caribbean 5’, Johnny starred in ‘Black Mass’beside dakota johnson. Thus, at a press conference to promote the film, the actress noticed an injury to her partner’s hand, so he asked about her.

In the video that the networks have rescued, it shows Dakota Johnson with worried face after Depp seems to explain any excuse, as he would have done before.

Now many point out that the ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ actress suspected that Depp lied to him at the time. In fact, Dakota referred to her former co-star before the trial began, denying that she had experienced any misconduct on her part, thereby joining her. the list of artists who have worked with the actor and have defended himas we show you in the video above.

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