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The Russian Ministry of Defense denounced today that two helicopters Mi-24 Ukrainians perpetrated this morning attack on a fuel depot in the Russian city of belgorodlocated 30 kilometers from the border.

“On April 1, around 05:00 in the morning, Moscowtwo helicopters Ukrainian Mi-24 penetrated into russian territory at a low height,” military spokesman Igor Konashenkov said in his daily military report on the “special military operation” russian in Ukraine.

The Mi-24s attacked with missiles a base of storage of products petroleum products for him supply to civil transport located on the outskirts of Belgorod.

“The deposit has nothing to do with the Russian Armed Forces. As a result of the attack some deposits were damaged and set on fire“, he explained.

Although there are no victims, almost fifty people had to be evacuated.

The spokesman for KremlinDmitri peskovwarned that the attack does not contribute to the successful negotiations and added that the President was informed about the incident.

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense He denied his involvement in the incident, claiming that “Ukraine cannot take responsibility for all the mistakes, catastrophes and events that take place in russian territory“.

“Today the ukrainian state carries out a defensive operation in order to repel the russian military aggression in territory of Ukraine“, adds the statement.

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The emergency services indicated that the fire spread to eight fuel tankseach of them with a capacity of two thousand cubic meters.

According to local authorities, the firefighters have located the firewhich will be completely suffocated in the next few hours.

belgorod is located about 70 kilometers from Kharkivthe largest city in the eastern ukraineone of the hardest hit during the current military campaign that began on last february 24.

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In social networks, the media have shared images of the attack.


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