The viral photo of Klay Thompson with Neymar Jr., after the coronation of the Warriors!

It’s not uncommon for athletes from different disciplines to cross paths in the evening, and Klay Thompson and Neymar Jr. have illustrated this perfectly recently. A snapshot of the two men thus made the buzz, the Brazilian star having gone to the post-title evening of the Warriors.

The title won by Golden State is a real consecration for Klay Thompson, who has just returned from two and a half years of absence due to injury. Ending the season like this was bound to be the best possible gift for the full-back, and so it was a matter of celebrating that with great fanfare. Whether his first decision after the Finals was somewhat incongruousthe second, on the other hand, was much more in keeping with its reputation as a party animal.

Indeed, the Splash Brother is known to be a big fan of nightlife, and he obviously could not miss the opportunity to celebrate his fourth career ring. He took the opportunity to invite some very nice people, starting with Paris Saint-Germain star Neymar Jr. The Brazilian footballer was seen in several photos with members of the Dubs, such as KT, Jordan Poole and even Draymond Green :

Neymar Jr. sneak preview with Draymond and Klay

The relationship between Killa Klay and superstar Auriverde is not new, as the second photo of his Insta slide shows which dates back to 2016. They happen to spend time together during the off-season, and the attacker logically wanted celebrate his friend’s coronation with him. In any case, this gives a nice skewer of big names from the sports scene, which logically ignites fans in the comments:

Only champions

Not only does Klay Thompson know how to party, but he also knows how to find himself in prestigious company. However, the photos will not calm the controversy around Neymar Jr., regularly attacked recently for his extra-sporting activities.

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