The viral reunion between Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey, protagonists of Grey’s Anatomy

Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey they were part of the protagonists of the first seasons of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, one of the American television bets most popular in America.

The actors played the roles of Meredith and Derekdoctors who shared adventures and scenes in the middle of the rooms of the famous hospital. The couple stole the hearts of their audience until both interpreters said goodbye to the series for approximately 18 seasons.

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Speculation regarding a supposed rivalry increased around Pompeo and Dempsey, however a recent meeting live It shocked part of the followers of the series, because the interpreters would put aside the rumors to affirm their good relationship.

The moment happened at Disney’s Expo D23, an event in which the film projects of the franchise are announced. Both met in California to be named as “legends” of the channel. ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ was part of the awards, as well as ‘Enchanted‘, audiovisual products in which the actors were part.

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Patrick sported platinum hair as he spoke to a reporter, scene where Ellen excitedly walked up to him to maintain a conversation in which the protagonists were their smiles. The actress had previously stated that “they usually send each other messages from time to time“with his former cast partner.

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