‘The Voice’: Camila Cabello has a game-changing idea for a new button, but it’s controversial

You know what they say about hindsight: it’s always 20/20. The voice is all about decision-making based on first impressions, as coaches turn their chairs around during blind auditions if they like the sound of a candidate’s voice. Sometimes, however, coaches experience serious regret when choosing not turn around. Newcomer Camila Cabello has an idea for a new button on The voice which could solve this problem: a Regret button. But is it really a good idea? Here’s why fans are torn.

Camila Cabello in season 22 of “The Voice” | Tyler Golden/NBC

‘The Voice’ coaches often regret not touring for artists in blind auditions

here’s how The voice works. During the auditions phase, known as blind auditions, the coaches’ four chairs face the audience so they cannot see the contestant on stage. As the contestant sings, coaches can press a button to flip their chair, expressing their interest in having that performer on their team. If more than one coach is spinning, the artist chooses which team to join after those coaches explain why their team is the right choice.

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