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Morelia, Michoacan. La Voz de Michoacán will be at one of the most important film festivals in the world: the Cannes International Festival, which opened its curtain on May 17. Viridiana Ferreyra Alcaraz, a journalist from Michoacán who has lived in France for five years, will be reporting in real time everything that happens from this showcase, where celebrities such as Bosque Whitaker, Rebeca Sala, Julianne Moore, among others, have arrived. among them, the Mexicans Julio Chávezmontes and Kim Torres.

The correspondent of this publishing house has credentials to share all the details of what is happening in the Gallic country. She is a journalist, writer and creator. She defines herself as a free spirit, multicultural and passionate. From today until next Sunday, she will be reporting in a timely manner on the most relevant activities at the Cannes party, where the director of the Morelia International Film Festival, Daniela Michel, is also expected to attend.

Viridiana Ferreyra has already collaborated with La Voz de Michoacán since before, even before she emigrated to France she was already part of the editorial team of this company, and until now she continues to carry out important participations sharing relevant stories and activities carried out by Mexicans who make landfall in France, for which its correspondent since the 75th edition of the Cannes Festival will bring the seventh art closer to Mexico and Michoacán, a novelty that is delivered to readers.

Regardless of the fact that every year what happens at the Cannes Festival is reported in a timely manner, on this occasion it is of significant relevance that a correspondent is accredited before all the organizing bodies. “This year we will celebrate the 74th year of informing society, and we continue to do so with the same spirit, and innovating, participating in journalism trends and making our own contributions,” said the general director, Álvaro Medina.

Michoacán has a significant relevance in the seventh art. This is precisely where the Morelia International Film Festival was born, which celebrates its 20th anniversary, and which has become a very important platform for creators, filmmakers and actors, who have seen Morelia as the most influential showcase in Ibero-America, which is why the special coverage from Cannes will bring the gaze of another festival closer to Mexican creators. All the information will be disseminated on the platforms of La Voz de Michoacán (digital and printed) with a more Michoacan and Mexican pulse.

The purpose of the Cannes Festival is to incite the spirit of friendship and universal cooperation, identify and publicize quality works with the aim of promoting the evolution of cinematographic art and favoring the development of the film industry in the world. The showcase began this Tuesday and will conclude on Saturday, May 28, exhibiting 91 cinematographic works in its official selection.

The exhibition of works will be as follows: 16 in the “La Cinef” Category, 9 short films, 9 Special Séances, 7 Cannes Premiere, 4 Minuit Séances, 6 Out of competition, 19 in the “Un Certain regard” category and 21 in Competition. La Croisette extends the red carpet in this edition to receive world stars such as; Tom Cruise, who stars in Joseph Kosinski’s “Top Gun: Maverick.” Celebrities like Léa Seydoux, Kristen Stewart and Viggo Mortensen who star in David Cronenberg’s “Crimes of the Future”.

Anne Hattaway and Anthony Hopkins are other expected for the movie “Armageddon time” by James Gray. David Cronenberg or the Dardenne brothers are other acclaimed artists who will be present at Cannes. The sessions open with screenings of films, before a red carpet where hundreds of actors, actresses and directors walk under the flashes of thousands of photographers. Some film companies give press conferences with some of the directors and actors.

Something very common in every red carpet is that there is interaction between celebrities and the public and they take some selfies, but not in Cannes. After several criticisms, selfies were banned on the red carpet to improve the fluidity of the walk of the hundreds of guests and nominees. The life of the Cannes Festival does not sleep. The luminaires settle on the French Riviera during these two weeks of cinematographic creativity that combine a moment of fruitful cultural and linguistic exchange.

This year alone, some 35,000 people from all over the world were accredited. “A brand that is a virtual return to normality after the last few years marked by the pandemic” assured Thierry Frémaux. Mexico will be present with the works of the Official Selection of the 19th Morelia International Film Festival that will be screened at the 61st edition of the Critics’ Week from May 18 to 26, 2022, within the framework of the 75th edition of the Festival from Cannes.

The movies are:

  • • “The motorcyclist does not fit happiness in the suit” (2021, dir. Gabriel Herrera) | Ojo for Mexican Fiction Short Film at the 19th FICM.
  • • “It’s raining” (2021, dir. Magali Rocha Donnadieu and Carolina Corral Paredes)
  • • “My age, yours and the age of the world” (2021, directed. Fernanda Tovar) | Special Mention for Documentary Short Film
  • • “The longest dream I remember” (2021, dir. Carlos Lenin)

The importance lies in the fact that Critics’ Week and FICM have provided an opportunity for 50 Mexican filmmakers at Cannes. The pages of La Voz de Michoacán and its readers will be able to read and savor the Cannes Film Festival and the magic of the cinematographic world through the eyes of a Michoacán woman with a French heart. Long live the cinema and its cultural spectrum!

Extra data:

It is the 75th anniversary of the first festival held on September 20, 1946

The Cannes red carpet is more than two kilometers long, it is changed three times a day and approximately 40 times throughout the festival.

Heels, NO thanks? Cannes has a strict dress code. One of the most important episodes in this regard took place in its 2015 edition, when a group of women was expelled from the screening of ‘Carol’ for the mere fact of not wearing high heels.

Faced with such a scandal, in its edition the following year, in 2016, the renowned actress Julia Roberts attended the festival barefoot, as a protest

Our commitment is to approach with a more Mexican and Michoacán perspective what will happen at the Cannes Festival»

Álvaro Medina González, director of La Voz de Michoacán.

The life of the Cannes Festival does not sleep. We will be present there, informing you of the most relevant”

Viridiana Ferreyra Alcaraz, correspondent in Cannes.


«The place where I was born was the garden of New Spain (Morelia, Mexico) I am a journalist, writer, creator, lover of life and mother. He settled in Paris, France, my second home for 5 years. I define myself as a free spirit, multicultural and passionate. I love living breaking molds and blurring limits. My favorite phrase is: We are all stardust»
Viridiana Ferreyra

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