The voice of the scandal: Charlize, Nicole and Margot on NOW in the film inspired by a true story

Available on NOW is the film with Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie about Roger Ailes of Fox News, accused of sexual harassment by his employees and then fired.

It is available in streaming on NOW Bombshell – The voice of the scandal, a film based on a true story that everyone should see because it is about sexual harassment against women in the workplace. Released in 2020, it garnered three Oscar nominations: Best Actress in a Leading Role (Charlize Theron), Best Supporting Actress (Margot Robbie) and best makeup and hairstyle. The golden statuette has arrived for the latter category. Next to the Theron and to Robbie, in the film he reads Nicole Kidman, which he interprets Gretchen Carlson, the woman without whom a sadly famous man would have continued, undisturbed, to act in the shadows.

Watch Bombshell – The Voice of Scandal on NOW

Bombshell: the true story behind the movie

Bombshell tells a painful story that really happened but with a happy ending: a scandal that saw the President and CEO of the Fox News television network as protagonist Roger Ailes. The journalist first sued him for sexual harassment in July 2016 Gretchen Carlson, who was initially at the helm of a morning and daily talk show called Fox & Friends. The treacherous Ailes, a former Republican political advisor, had been commissioned by Rupert Murdoch to direct the network in 1996, the year of the birth of Fox News. Right from the start he was considered a legend, a professional as astute as a fox, a man certainly to be feared. There Carlson sued her boss for downgrading and then firing her after she refused his “love offers”. The woman was demanding $ 20 million in compensation and a public apology from the network.
The gesture of Gretchen prompted several of her colleagues to come out, and so, thanks to a New York Times investigation, burning statements were collected. Megyn Kelly (the journalist played by Charlize Theron), did not speak to the newspaper, but entrusted her story to a book, revealing that she had met the same fate and writing that Ailes he had made physical advances and inappropriate sexual comments, and that he had repeatedly tried to grab her and kiss her on the lips. Roger Ailes denied the allegations of all his victims, but was immediately fired by Fox News, to die in May 2017 of a subdural hematoma.

Bombshell: because you shouldn’t miss it

Similarly to Suffragette and of North Country, to cite just a few examples of a cinema of denunciation, empowerment you hate girl power, Bombshell talks about discrimination against working women and sexual harassment, and was shot two years after the birth and explosion of the movement #MeeToo. In addition to telling a true fact, the film tells of a very painful choice which, since the dawn of time, girls and adult women have been forced to make a career and occupy positions initially intended for men. But it doesn’t stop there, because the script of Charles Randolph has the virtue of showing that, despite the passage of time, those who have been victims of what our English-speaking cousins ​​call sexual arrassement he is inevitably marked and tormented by an inner wound that continues to bleed throughout his life, even after justice has been done. To bring such an important and touching story to the big screen, it was necessary to rely on the talent of very expressive and focused actresses. Because of this Jay Roach he turned to Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman And Margot Robbie, reserving the part of Roger Ailes, which can not make us think about Harvey Weinstein, to John Lithgow, already a great interpreter of Winston Churchill in the acclaimed TV series The Crown. Another reason why you shouldn’t lose Bombshell it is the accuracy of the staging and the way in which it portrays the life of a television network, its frenetic rhythms and often ruthless logic. Finally, the film is both a lesson in good journalism and bad journalism, and sheds a sinister light on the beginning of the Trump era.

Watch Bombshell – The Voice of Scandal on NOW

The three heroines of Bombshell

Charlize Theron is Megyn Kelly

The first star to be approached for Bombshell it was Charlize Theron, who was asked to play the role of Megyn Kelly and to produce the film. The actress immediately agreed, and it was she who chose her as a setmate Kidman and the Robbie, with whom he had never worked. With the Kidman, however, she had found herself competing just as much for Witch’s Life how much for Grace of Monaco, seeing the role blown by her colleague. Once she accepted the part, the physical transformation began for the stunning South African actress. Charlize first of all he called the famous hair stylist and make up artist Kazu Iro, to whom we owe the makeup of Gary Oldman neither Darkest Hour and that he had decided to retire. The two made several attempts, and at one point, more than resembled the Kelly, Charlize It seemed Glenn Close. To become Megyn, the Theron she had to have prosthetics applied to her eyelids and cheeks. In the end, the result was so surprising that many people assumed the role of the Fox News reporter was Elizabeth Banks. The actress then made a long study on the voice of Megyn Kelly and had to tone down his own. His vocal cords did not like it and so, once the filming was over, Charlize Theron he could not speak for three weeks. Of course Charlize he watched Fox News and said of his character: “Me and Megyn we have very different political opinions, we are different people and we think differently on many subjects, and I am sure of it because I have heard you say things that, both as a woman and as a mother, have worried me. And yet I don’t think it was necessary for me to love her to think she should feel safe when she went to work. ” Charlize Theron earned her third nomination for Best Actress in a Leading Role, which amazed many people because the actress only starred for 37 minutes and 16 seconds. No one before her had been nominated for a prestigious award with such a short screen time.

Nicole Kidman is Gretchen Carlson

In Bombshell Nicole Kidman she is the most enterprising of the women they accused Roger Ailes sexual harassment because she was the first to turn to lawyers. In the movie Ailes is particularly aggressive and unpleasant with Gretchen Carlson, and denigrates her for her no longer young age (for example, he tells her: “Nobody wants to watch a middle-aged woman who sweats because she has menopause”). At first the actress was undecided whether or not to accept the part, but the friend and colleague Meryl Streep, with whom he shared the set of the second season of the TV series Big Little Lies, convinced her not to miss such a succulent opportunity. However, more than for the role, Nicole she decided to star in Bombshell for the subject dealt with and because he is aware of the fact that telling such a story in this historical moment could really change things and invite a collective awareness. And then there was Jay Roach behind the camera, which the Kidman he considered (and considers) a director who always strives for justice to be done, which is why it was okay for the film to be disturbing in some way. Before you see Bombshell, any viewer thinks they see interact in different scenes Charlize Theron, Margot Robbie And Nicole Kidman, but it is not so. At first the three blondes were not supposed to share even a minute of film, but then Nicole he prayed Roach to change floors and then the elevator sequence was born. There Kidman also has a scene with the Robbie, with a tense and incisive dialogue.

Margot Robbie is Kayla Pospisil

When Margot Robbie starred in Bombshell, she was already the actress chosen by Quentin Tarantino to impersonate Sharon Tate in Once upon a time … in Hollywood, and in her resume she boasted an Oscar nomination for Best Actress in a Leading Role Tonya, in addition to the wife’s interpretation of Leonardo Dicaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street and to the character of Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad. The role that Jay Roach entrusted to her is invented, even if not completely, why Kayla Pospisil it is a collection of women really harassed by Roger Ailes.
Aware of the burning theme that the film faced and its emotional impact on any female exponent, the director wanted to film the scene in which Kayla she raises her skirt in front of her super-boss with multiple cameras, to have multiple shots and thus not having to ask Margot to turn over the sequence: a wise decision, because, to date, the actress considers that moment as one of the most difficult, if not traumatizing, of her career. It seems that, both on set and before filming began, the gorgeous Robbie did a painstaking job, so much so that Roach said: “Margot analyzes his scenes like a nerd would. She is very dedicated to her profession, she has a great heart, a great soul and an incredible ability ”. It seems that, before venturing into reading the script, the protagonist of Birds of Prey did not know that even a verbal advance can be considered sexual harassment and that he enjoyed it very much. Another reason for satisfaction was for her to act again in a film together with Allison Janney, which in Tonya it was his mother. The two actresses, however, did not share even a short scene. In the screenplay, the actress loved the complexity of the characters, who are not mere victims, but women with their contradictions, their doubts and some understandable indecision. As already mentioned, for his performance in Bombshell Margot Robbie earned an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

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