The volleyball player with his ghost girlfriend: “In 13 years I gave her 700,000 euros, but it didn’t exist”

Cazzaniga, a former international, has been cheated for almost 15 years. Until the comrades and Le Iene intervened

Roberto Cazzaniga is 42 years old and plays volleyball in Serie B with Gioia del Colle. He also arrived in the national team a few years ago. Cazzaniga over the years he has given 700,000 euros to a ghost girlfriend.

“We have never met, never once – he tells Corriere della Sera – She made a thousand excuses, illness, work. Yet of that voice, phone call after phone call, I fell in love all the same, like a cooked pear. Contacts only on cell phones, almost daily. Call before I went to practice. Or in the evening, at bedtime. How did I get all that money out of her? I don’t even know for sure, one thousand euros here, another two thousand there … In the end, we came up with a total of 700,000. Now that this nightmare is over it is as if I had woken up from a coma that made me lose three decades of life ”.

The surreal story begins in 2008, writes Corsera: a friend, “a certain Manuela, gives him a girl who would like to meet him on the phone, introduces herself as Maya, but then claims that that’s just a pseudonym, she says. to be Alessandra Ambrosio, the famous Brazilian model with 10 million followers on social media “. It’s just not true. It is a scam.

Never had any doubts: for me it was her. That voice made me feel at ease, it comforted me ”. Maya starts asking him for money “with plausible excuses”. Seeing each other no, “it was impossible because of the continuous business trips and for that serious heart disease for which she told me that she was often hospitalized”. And he paid: “I sent online transfers, they threw me on the street”.

To afford that long-distance relationship, he goes into debt. Until his teammates intervene, who first tease him then are alarmed by the constant requests for money. They contact the hyenas. And it all comes down.

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