The warning about the danger of the medical vocation

Elena Casado, anesthesiologist, has shared through her social networks a reflection with all her colleagues on the “medical vocation”. “Some should be reminded that you can have a vocation and want to have a life outside the hospital”the doctor wrote through her social networks.

“Although hospitals are a microcosm, there is life outside of them”, also affected a health worker in this regard, admitting that “profession slaves are more profitable”. “There are still people who think that you have to give even your blood so that your vocation is noticed,” explains another user, confessing that “everyone must do their job and be responsible for it, but that would be to have the life they want.”

“Hospitals seem like a microcosm, but there is life outside of them”

However, the debate about poor working conditions in which doctors work in Spain and how these are “camouflaged” under the vocation of health is always a hot topic among health professionals. It is not the first time that both doctors and nurses denounce this type of argument.

In fact, Casado herself regularly shares, through her Twitter account, her observations on this subject. In all of them she clarifies that her interest and passion for the profession “It is not an excuse for the work overload in which professionals find themselves”. “Our vocation does not give you the right to mistreat us,” she wrote.

“My case is the same. I just wanted to study Medicine and, to this day, I still have a great vocation for it,” replied another ER doctor, confessing that later “the complaints, comments he receives from patients, the conditions and labor exploitation” have been responsible for “making everything much more unpleasant”.

Likewise, months ago a hematologist also referred to this issue in a reflection published on his social networks. The specialist was very critical of his sector, emphatically stating that “doctors are the dumbest group that exists.” This doctor believes that “all our lives they have been telling us that ours should be a vocation and with nothing in return”, a circumstance through which, in his words, “legitimacy is given to all kinds of abuses”.

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