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If there is something that characterizes TheBoys, in addition to their scenes high in violent and sexual content, is that they always find a way to launch a satire against aspects of the real world and fiction. The essence of the series itself is to make fun of the plots of the superhero genre while making fun of the fixation that the audience has with them.

Taking this into account, they have returned to attack in a humorous way against the controversies that sometimes arise around the actors taking advantage of the scandal that, in the history of the series, has unleashed ‘star light‘ at the end of the sixth episode of this third season, ‘Herogasm’.

The sixth episode of The Boys, which was censored in several countries for its sexual scenes, ended with the character of Erin MoriartyStarlight, revealing via live stream that Vought is a corrupt company and that Homelander is the worst of all.

To this, the official Twitter account of the fictional company that oversees superheroes, Voughtreleased a statement, in clear mockery of the way in which many companies hide from the accusations made by employees or people against what they represent:

In recent years, there have been numerous controversies faced by various entertainment companies and for which they have responded with similar statements. Before the companies, the celebrities who faced accusations of sexual harassment and abuse were the ones who responded, also, through their representatives with similar texts where they distance themselves, declare themselves innocent, etc.

A case that is remembered is that of Disney, which has had to respond to controversies such as the demand for Scarlett Johansson for the premiere of Black Widow on Disney +. On that occasion the response was quite aggressive, but shortly after, both parties managed to reach an agreement.

It can also be seen in the fictitious statement how it appeals to misogynistic stereotypes such as calling Starlight a “glory hound,” as this is the most common accusation leveled at victims of sexual harassment and abuse after they speak of their ordeal.

TheBoys premieres its new episode this Friday, keeping its fans excited as it has done with its previous two seasons.

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