The wedding of Grace Gummer, daughter of Meryl Streep, and the gossip of the weekend


The first trailer of the documentary is already circulating Prince Philip: The Royal Family Remembers, which the BBC will air at 9 pm on Wednesday 22 September, recounting the impact that Prince Philip’s life had on that of various members of the royal family.

The prince begins William: “He has always been an important presence behind everything we have done,” and then we hear the voices of Harry, Prince Charles and Zara Philips: “We were lucky to have him for almost 100 years,” says Carlo, and his niece adds: “It’s as if we weren’t ready to lose him: he was always there.”

Their tributes are intertwined with old clips of Prince Philip playing with his children, on a boat, as he poses in a family portrait, with images taken from the Queen’s private photo and video collection.

From the BBC they are anxious and in a statement they write that: «For the first time on television, more than a dozen members of the royal family offer their personal thoughts and reflections, paying a historic tribute to the extraordinary life of His Royal Highness the Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh ‘.

BBC cameras had privileged access to the Duke’s private study, library and office, which are located on the first floor of Buckingham Palace. And it is the first time that Filippo’s personal accommodations will be shown to the public. So, you just have to wait until 22 September.

Then? Then we talked about the relationship between Camilla and Kate, about the life of the princesses before they entered the royal families. We talked about kisses, marriages and pregnancies. Here is a summary of all the gossip of the weekend of 11-12 September:

The wedding of Lady India Hicks, goddaughter of Prince Charles
The 53-year-old cousin and goddaughter of the heir to the throne had said she would never marry. Instead she went to a wedding with her partner David Flint Wood. The two have five children. HERE THE PHOTO

Letizia Ortiz, Sofia of Sweden and Kate Middleton: life before becoming real
In addition to Harry’s wife, many queens and princesses, before getting married and devoting themselves to institutional commitments, did other jobs. For example, Mathilde of Belgium was a speech therapist, Letizia of Spain a journalist, Mary of Denmark marketing manager, Sofia of Sweden underwear model. HERE TO DISCOVER THEM

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Kirsten Dunst, mother bis: “I haven’t slept for four months”
The actress and her partner Jesse Plemons welcomed their second baby in late spring and managed to keep the news from leaking: “I’m so tired,” she explains now, “but I feel lucky.” HERE THE STORY

Francesca Sofia Novello, the wait is on the red carpet of Venice 78
The model returns to the Lido as a future mother. He will be the first child with Valentino Rossi. “My heart is full of joy.” HERE ARE HIS WORDS

Valentina Ricci got married: the photos of the wedding with Emanuele
The Vale of Radio Deejay went to a wedding on the Naviglio Grande, in Robecco. Civil ceremony, and many friends around. HERE’S HOW IT WENT

Camilla of Cornwall, who would see Kate Middleton as a dangerous rival
According to the British press, the Duchess of Cornwall has long been suspicious of William’s wife, who, by not making a mistake, obscures her more and more, is increasingly loved by her subjects, and risks stealing from her the role of queen consort. SO IT SAYS

Serena Rossi, Davide Devenuto and all the other couples of the Venice Film Festival 2021
To say “couple”, in the 78th edition of the Venice Film Festival, the answer is obvious: Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez. But on the red carpets of the Festival many other stars walked hand in hand. Starting with the hostess… HERE THEY ARE ALL

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