The weeds of Asuncion

The juyal, as they called it on social networks, became famous and, given the huge mistake, in an article published in this same newspaper, specialists from the Municipality of Asunción explained that this yuyal, being part of the wetlands of the Paraguay River, complies regulatory functions of the territories that produce fresh water, and is part of the Network of Green Biocultural Corridors of the city of Asunción and the metropolitan area; it is also an ecological bridge with the Western Region.

In passing, they also highlighted its scenic beauty as an incomparable site for ecological recreation and resilience for the city; The wetland mitigates the heat islands of the city and balances the humidity of the environment, which is why its care and preservation is essential.

This entire area is of great importance as it is the largest green area in the capital, part of the Banco San Miguel Ecological Reserve. This 601-hectare ecological reserve was declared a Protected Wildlife Area by Law No. 2715/05. It conserves and protects the wetlands of the Paraguay River, housing a rich biodiversity, including birds, reptiles, mammals, amphibians, fish, shrubs and trees of unique species of said ecosystem.

Now, if the specialists of the Municipality of Asunción know the value of humidity, why did the Municipality decide to cede, free of charge and for 15 years, almost one hectare of land on the Costanera Norte in favor of the Estación Bahía group, to install in the place a service station.

A service station in a place where the ecosystem is fragile, where the problem of contamination of the Asunción bay itself has not been resolved, seems like a bad joke, but it is not. It is more of the same: politicians acting against the interests and welfare of citizens.

Let’s agree that the Costanera was designed exclusively as a quick access road to the city, for vehicles. Those who planned forgot that this could be, at the same time, a recreational area for people, because for a change they only thought about cars. That is why perhaps nobody cares about the tremendous pollution of the bay.

We have the luxury of having a river, and an environment that could be spectacular for the view, for the walk and for the rest. How many of those who work downtown would not like to take their lunch break and sit down to eat overlooking the river. Unfortunately that is not possible because there is not one shadow, since they forgot to plant native trees, real trees that provide shade; and by the way someone would have to investigate that obsession with palm trees, or that we were a Caribbean beach.

Later, every summer the sad image of people who get into the waters of the highly polluted bay to combat the burning heat of the season, which we also help to have by throwing out the forests, is repeated.

Asunción barely has green spaces for people to use and enjoy, there are very few squares, and if the trend prospers, soon all of them will be fenced and their gates padlocked. However, with great enthusiasm, service stations have spread like mushrooms throughout the capital territory. Like the one planted in front of a hospital, in front of the presidential residence and close to the US Embassy; exactly like the one they want to put there in the middle of the Costanera.

We are just ridiculous citizens who let our public officials commit these barbarities, then, a lot of fighting on the networks, a lot of indignation, to end up voting for Nenecho.

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