The Weird Facial Treatment Jennifer Aniston Tried

The actress in an interview revealed the formula of a strange ingredient used in South Korea, the procedure was advised by her beautician.

Many celebrities resort to almost any means to stay young, as is the case with Jennifer Aniston. From thread lift procedures, vampire facials, vitamin injections, facelifts and the use of light and sound equipment, we’ve rounded up some of the most glamorous and extravagant procedures with the goal of looking 20 or 30 years older. The truth is that time passes by for everyone, however the actress continues to be a beauty and fashion icon looking healthy and fresh while her fans wonder how she does it.

Brad Pitt’s ex-wife revealed this in an interview published by The Wall Street Journal Tried Facials Based on Salmon Sperm Formula, recommended by your beautician. It is a process originated from South Korea, a leader in the beauty and anti-aging industry. This Asian obsession with preserving youth has led to international markets being flooded with creams, masks and treatments with natural ingredients like rice water or seaweed, including some more exotic ones like the famous lady tried. .

How does salmon sperm benefit the skin?

The murder mystery hero didn’t notice a big difference after trying this treatment, but according to science, the sperm of this fish has a lot of benefits. The National Library of Medicine reports an investigation where it has been shown that the spermatic fluid of salmon contributes to the restoration of skin elasticity, Strengthening the natural protective barrier and retaining moisture, as well as reducing inflammation, is why this product is recommended for dehydrated and damaged skin that looks very dry.

Aniston never opted for the operating room to look younger, or At least it has resisted the scalpel. He has always preferred non-surgical techniques based on scientific innovation, such as peptic injections that promote collagen production, cell renewal and elastin production. Likewise, he has said in previous interviews that he does not like it when they tell him that he looks great for his age, even though he feels better than ever. Famous also shared that she exercises a lot, Which helps her to look great in her over 50 years.

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