The WhatsApp trick to lie about your location

Have it smartphone always in your pocket it is very useful for several reasons, but do not forget that on the other hand it makes you continuously available: especially with those who may have an interest in “controlling you”.

In their private life everyone is the master of what they do, but we must keep in mind that technology does not row in favor of those who want. camouflage or keep your activities hidden: social networks, instant messaging apps, everything contributes to “tag us” in the places where we are, even if we don’t want to.

So what to do if someone asks us for our location via WhatsApp and we don’t want to provide it? The simplest answer is to say “no”, but it is not always possible, especially if you want to maintain a minimum of diplomacy. Here then is that technology, the same that makes us available, can also come to our aid.

In fact, there are applications, available on the main stores, which allow you to send a “false position”: a real map similar to that of Google Maps, where you can manually indicate any place, which can then be shared on WhatsApp.

Whether lying is the right thing or not, the thing remains in your opinion: we also talked to you some time ago about the application that allows you to locate a contact on WhatsApp and which should only be used with the consent of the person who is being located, but also about the trick which allows you to read deleted messages in chat. All things that have a “doubt” moral profile: on the other hand, in the privacy settings of WhatsApp itself there are different systems to protect yourself from those who at all costs want to know the details of our accesses and our statuses.

In conclusion, technology is always useful, but it is up to those who use it to decide the purpose: also because if one day you decide to force someone’s privacy, your privacy may be at risk the next day.

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