The WhatsApp trick to send an empty message is very useful, here’s why

One of the weirdest tricks you can experience on WhatsApp is the legendary “blank message”. Do one thing, while reading this piece, open any chat and try to send a blank message. Press spaces, write something and delete it, in short, invent something to write nothing and send. Done? That’s right … in fact, you can’t send an empty message on WhatsApp, which recognizes content only through any type of sign.

This blank message thing drove a lot of people crazy who didn’t like they couldn’t do something that simple. And indeed a way had to be invented. It’s called Blanck Message and it’s an application.

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This little program allows you to create a vacuum. You can also decide how big it is and it allows you to send it to whoever you want. Basically it creates a code that is illegible for WhatsApp but which it recognizes as “something”.

The intoxication at that point is great. You can drive your friends crazy with something they have never seen before.

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